“The hardest bit”

I know I have not been posting here much recently. At the risk of repeating myself, I have been immersed striving to complete the coming latest book. That is, of course, my “top priority” right now: I want to finish it… to give you my first new full novel to read since 2019. 🙂

Taking necessary breaks from that, I use Instagram as one escape. And as always that platform is full of writing advice memes. Here’s one now:

[From Instagram.]

When I saw that assertion the other day, I could only shake my head. I thought: “No, it is not – at least not from where I sit.”

To me the hardest bit of writing is when I have to sit back and state: “I think it’s finished now.”

Figuratively “putting down the pen” is to me the biggest challenge.

[From my Instagram messages, November 29, 2021.]

A reader dropped me that message and a couple of others yesterday.

[From my Instagram messages, November 29, 2021.]

You may know already that “Carolina” is pronounced “Caroleena.” I made a point of noting that in asides in the two novels to assist readers in remembering that is how her name is said aloud. We all hate it when we discover we have been mispronouncing a character’s name in our head. LOL! (How the Kindle electronically pronounces names is, alas, beyond all of our control.)

“Carolina” (Caroleena) was a far more “common” woman’s name in England around 1800 than it is today – although it is still around.

And, yes, these Catskills are the general area where they lived… some 200 and some years ago. In some ways these mountains about 100 miles north of New York City have probably barely changed from back then:

[Photo by me, Windham, New York. November 27, 2021.]

Overall the writing is coming along…

[Photo by me, November 29, 2021.]

I am, I think, ALMOST finished.

The HARDEST bit… is closing the laptop lid for the last time and declaring “DONE!” 🙂

Have a good day, wherever you are. 🙂