Ramble (28 Sept 2021)

A few thoughts on what I am doing and on what we see going on out there currently. None of it is really is worth an entire post. You may agree or not agree with some of it, but it is just what I think…

One eye on the calendar, and thinking… Christmas sales, Christmas sales…

[From my Instagram Stories, September 26, 2021. Text copyright me.]

…and I’m trying to finish the manuscript in time… proofing, changing.

I realize now I was right: Twitter is increasingly unhelpful for authors:

[From Twitter.]

I also realize I am not alone. The #writingcommunity has gone downhill – overrun with self-promos and inane questions aiming just to up engagement (“What’s your favorite sci-fi series?”), etc.

There used to be lots of “fun” stuff there and worthwhile chatting worth sharing here, but increasingly now it is just a waste of time.

Then there is Instagram, where regarding writing we also see gems like this:

[From Instagram.]

I could not but think how assuming that quote is essentially current, that MIT person receives a salary at that major university that is at least partly funded by major corporate donors. Moreover that quote above has been shared on an internet platform owned by one of the largest corporations (Facebook/Instagram) in the world. But, eh, nevermind.

As an evil corporation author who earns what I do thanks to devoted readers who buy my original fiction novels, I believe in the principle of copyright. If someone wants to “fan-fic” a public domain book or its characters (such as write, say, Mr. Darcy: Pemberley Vampire Hunter), that is no problem. Because after the copyright expires (at around 75-100 years after publication) and a work enters the PUBLIC DOMAIN is when every tale becomes truly PUBLIC, and thus ”folk” – a fact one would think an MIT ACADEMIC should damn well know and appreciate and respect.

We living authors are trying to make livings. Having work plagiarized and/or flat out stolen is now, also thanks to the net, perhaps a bigger problem than ever. Re-writing a tale for sale without permission is definitely copyright-infringing.

Tougher to position is the matter of “fan-fiction” online for “free.” Yes, the fan-writer may think they are being just a “fan” and showing “love,” but in reality they could well be undercutting the original creator. (For example, re-writing a tale online in order to give characters “alternative” sex lives – or even just more sex in their lives – could well affect sales of the original copyrighted book.) The bottom line is if you yourself desire to be an author, please write your own ORIGINAL stuff… because that is what real authors do.

Put another way I cannot help but wonder if that “fight the power” (at least partly corporately underwritten) MIT director of media studies quoted there would be quite as comfortable about having his “comtemporary myth” hard-work-research stolen “borrowed” without his knowledge and/or consent. And even more so the living author who posted that quote and applauded it.

Back to originality. I have done it with every book…

[An 1800 France excerpt from Tomorrow The Grace. Paperback. Copyright, 2019. Photo by me, 2021.]

I am here yet again. I am at the point now where I proofread the dialogue aloud. I find it does help if I hear how it sounds to my ear, and not just in my head.

“Who are you talking to up there?” she yells upstairs to the office.

“I’m proofing out loud, my dearest!”

I must admit it is great to be in the house alone when doing that. LOL!

To conclude. Coming at this as one who writes historical fiction based on past reality, and speaking also of those who do not seem to know when to shut up, this licensed broadcasted malarkey – and that is being kind – cannot be allowed to go unchallenged:

[From my Instagram Stories, September 26, 2021.]

I labeled as you see that an “Interesting take,” but that offering from that U.S. Fox (so-called) “News” Channel host is much more accurately described as a disgrace. Unsure of that? Have a look at this YouTube video of another place and time and then superimpose – as I do below – some of that empty suit’s same vacuous words on it in the same way and think about how they sound...

[From my Instagram Stories, September 26, 2021.]

This is why calling out such disinformational nonsense is necessary:

[From my Instagram Stories, September 26, 2021.]

That from my Instagram Stories is how I feel about his blatant “exaggeration” and “non-literal commentary.

On those notes, have a good day, wherever you are. 🙂