What Would Jefferson Do?

We cannot seem to get past this. I think this needs pointing out. The Associated Press reports:

Fox’s most popular primetime host, Tucker Carlson, devoted nearly the first 20 minutes of his show Wednesday to Biden’s COVID efforts, saying the rules require people to submit to being bullied.

“You can’t allow people to force you to take drugs that you don’t want or that you don’t need,” Carlson said. “It’s up to you what drugs you take, period. If you allow people to force you to take drugs you don’t want, you’re done. They own you. You’re no longer free, period.”

He interviewed comic Jim Breuer, who has said he is canceling shows at venues that require audience members to be vaccinated. Carlson said Breuer was “talking like an American man. Where are the rest of the American men?”

Two swings and TOTAL misses. Indeed, real “American men”… and women? Let’s review just three historical (and much-revered by many) examples and how they handled a similar situation in their own lives:

[George Washington’s Mount Vernon. Photo by me, 2011.]

1) Smallpox – which came from a virus – fears impacted that most “American man” of all “American men,” George Washington, and how lived his life, as is clear from this diary entry he made at age nineteen:

November 4th, 1751.—This morning received a card from Major Clarke, welcoming us to Barbadoes, with an invitation to breakfast and dine with him. We went,—myself with some reluctance, as the smallpox was in his family…

Washington fortunately survived the smallpox he would catch on that trip to Barbados (his only foreign journey), and as a result luckily had only a scar on his nose the rest of his life because of it. If he had died, there would today in all likelihood be no United States of America as we know it. And thus no “American men.”

[Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello, Virginia. Photo by me, 2011.]

2) Thomas Jefferson inoculated his young children against smallpox in the 1770s using what we would consider an unreliable and even dangerous method – such was his level of desperation to protect them. In that they would have endured many of the symptoms of smallpox in order for them to be immunized enough NOT to catch the REAL smallpox. That method was not improved upon until the Jenner method of the mid-1790s, which Jefferson pushed heavily after he became president in 1801.

[Photo by me, September 20, 2021.]

3) Pre-Jenner, Abigail Adams, with her husband John away as a U.S. envoy in Europe, inoculated their young children using a similar method to the one Jefferson had used on his children.

The list goes on. They were imperfect people, we all know. But they were also intensely serious people who made serious life or death decisions.

Currently it appears vaccination “critics” and “refusers” now in the U.S. are clearly encouraged by media loudmouths and entertainers like those cited above in that Associated Press report, people who curiously almost always also profess OTHERWISE to idolize those same founders of the independent United States.

Trying to get into their minds, I have spent my adult life reading masses of what America’s founders in the 1700s and early-1800s wrote. My conclusion on this: If they were here now and could see this “debate” going on amidst the suffering and death due to a new virus while in our possession was a safe and easy (and free for all to have) vaccination to greatly diminish that same viral danger and even perhaps prevent it, they would – every single one of them – be utterly incredulous. They would consider us nuts.

I have not the slightest doubt in my mind whatever that they themselves would be vaccinated and would have their children vaccinated, too:

[President Thomas Jefferson, writing to Dr. Jenner of the smallpox vaccination breakthrough. From “The Portable Thomas Jefferson,” ed., Merrill Peterson. From my Instagram, November 2020.]

So the next time someone you knew in high school waves a 13 star U.S. flag at you on Facebook and yabbers that he is about defending the Constitution, fighting communism and Nazis, and about standing up for “real” freedom like the founders wanted us to, and therefore that is why he will NOT have the vaccinationdo not hesitate to reply… that…

[Inside the Jefferson Memorial. Photo by me, 2017.]

well, you were vaccinated because that is what Thomas Jefferson would have had done. Jefferson would damn well have had the anti-COVID shot(s), and would have also seen to the vaccinations of his entire family. He would also – as he eventually did for smallpox – have seen to the (Mandated? Forced, shall we say?) vaccinations of his enslaved (Owned?) workforce, too.

Like any true and, uh, freedom-loving American.

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