Ramble #1

I am introducing here a new type of post: “a ramble.” Although, then again, I suspect you would probably note, “Uh, how is this different, given you ramble all the time?”

Yeh, well, okay, fine, but here let’s just say I am just formalizing it…

To open, nearly two years in the writing, the novel is almost finished. I am reading it again and again and altering and changing little things.

[This morning. Photo by me.]

This is in some ways the worst of times, too: one needs to know when to say to yourself STOP! DONE!

That can be the toughest moment of all.

I am getting more Tumblr followers. I don’t post directly there, but my posts here appear on my Tumblr. If you are here from Tumblr… Hello!

About 9 days ago, after a radiotherapy treatment for likely terminal cancer, we dropped my mother-in-law at her north London home. She was in agony to a degree worse than we had yet seen (I had feared just days before that she was going to die while she was staying with us) and we hated leaving her; and we were warned by the oncologist that the treatment might for some days even make the pain worse. She is being looked after for now by her youngest son and his family, who live up the street and are doing the best they can in the circumstances. (Young twenty-something grandchildren have even had to help considerably because her son and his wife can’t manage to do it mostly on their own. Grandchildren, in my opinion, should not be burdened in this disturbing situation; adult children are meant to look after a parent amidst sometimes stressful and upsetting end of life care. Twenty-something grandkids are supposed to be out having fun with their friends and significant others.) Thankfully at least the radiotherapy has in the last 48 hours apparently started to make its mark and helped greatly reduce her pain by some 80 percent. We don’t know how long this new treatment will work and, indeed, sadly, how much longer she will even live, but fortunately her pain is now much less for the time being.

I still don’t know when we will get to the US to see my father. He professes not to care; that it is what it is. As he likes to say to me on Facetime: “Eh, you know what I look like.” (My mother-in-law concerns him, I think in part because her plight reminds him of Mom’s in 2015.)

But I think he does care.

So much has happened since early 2020 to lead me to rethink life plans going forward. You probably feel much the same. We may be moving back into London. (Stay tuned.) That possibility led the Mrs. and I also into a conversation recently about where we would like to live out our lives longer term (if there is one)… in a new place here in the UK or even in America. I had not really given that much thought.

[Photo by me, Boulogne-sur-Mer, France, 2019.]

I would like a little holiday house in France too somewhere, but that may never happen, of course.

But we do need to aim for things in life, or what’s the point?

Speaking of France, this person will guess this paragraph is about her if she does come by again (and if so I hope she smiles). As a writer, I am always aware that – thanks to the internet – anyone might read any of my novels. I was stunned – and naturally pleased – recently to discover a French television personality likes my writing. 🙂

In learning of that, I could not also but think of my late uncle. He would love it. Actually, he would probably love her… to the point I’d have to berate him, “God, don’t start!” LOL!

Have a good day, wherever you are in the world. 🙂