I Am Me And I Am Me Only

I suppose this happens more to women who post pictures online. I found an email this morning that I am apparently being impersonated on Facebook’s dating app. The woman who wrote me told me she had also reported the profile – which is at least using a different name.

[Facebook Dating homepage.]

If it has not been removed yet, I suppose the false profile will be shortly. She had (I suspect) used “TinEye” on the photo. Immediately that search led her here to my site and she quickly figured out that dude was not who he was saying he was.

I suspect this pic is the one stolen (and you know it well):

[I am NOT on ANY dating app.]

I suppose, yeh, that is a decent selfie, but I never considered it THAT good. LOL! Such is the internet. Anyway, to be crystal clear here I am NOT on Facebook’s dating app or ANY similar site. I am a happily married man who is on here just because I write novels.

I wrote back to her that some woman out there, if she meets “him” in person, is either going to be very pleased or very annoyed (I would hope). LOL! But if he is stealing pics from online, I don’t suppose he will ever meet any woman in person, of course… because that’s how this nonsense goes, as we know.

Now, this morning, I am back to writing my latest book. Have a good day, wherever you are in the world. 🙂