The Creating

So it is another Monday morning. A new week. And, yes, we know what happened yesterday to England, which I acknowledged late last night elsewhere:

[From my Instagram Stories, July 11, 2021.]

Let’s say no more about it. LOL! My wife is not happy. Therefore, I’m unhappy because she is unhappy.

That said, I take to my office chair with a coffee…

[Photo by me, 2021.]

Oh, hang on, I have social media notifications? Well, I have to check those. First, again, Instagram…

How did I end up there? Uh, okay enough Nicola Benedetti and Baroque. Social media is an endless rabbit hole.

Back to my manuscript…

…I need another coffee, maybe. Oh, but wait, uh, okay, how about Twitter. I can’t be bothered tweeting anymore, but there is lots to read there…

Meet one author for coffee? That is the easiest question ever. Answer: My uncle (who died in 2015).

But forget coffee.

I would want real drinks… and so would he.

Enough, enough! Back to writingbut uh, wait, err, time for a tweeting editor’s stand alone absolutist “writing tip”:

Really? Hmm…

“I claim not to have controlled events, but confess plainly that events have controlled me.”

Abraham Lincoln

In other words, Abraham Lincoln… vampire hunter passive protagonist?

[Sneak peek from Capture The Cause. Click to expand.]

I have never agreed with any notion – and I don’t care who says it – that writing fiction aimed at adult readers is some “paint by the numbers” endeavor.

Moreover I suppose we should also not allow any reflection of reality in fiction? Meaning should my “hero” above have written in his journal instead, “She wants to live with me for a while, and her girlfriends suggested it, too. Ugh, ain’t no women controlling me. I’m driving the plot.” LOL!

I would not want any editor anywhere near me who believed anything approaching either, because clearly we are coming at this writing fiction thing from largely differing and even irreconcilable perspectives.

Anyway, enough time-wasting with Twitter “advice” or Instagram or whatever. No one ever wrote a book scrolling social media. I am here again to write. Okay, so friends what are we’re going to do today on these pages? Hmm. Time to get creating again. There is still so much to do.

Have a good day, wherever you are. 🙂