Are You Engaged?

Am I an “influencer”? LOL! I am certainly not a 22 year old woman. Yet maybe I am having more “influence” than I had thought?

I saw this the other day, which got me thinking on this perhaps amusing subject. Marketing agency FYI (Find Your Influencer) in an April 2019 blog post noted that on Instagram you can do some simple calculations to determine if you are having “influence.” An important way to determine so simply has to do with followers’ “engagement”:

[From FYI, April 2019.]

Anyone can post anything, of course. The key to if you are making any impact is if you elicit reasonable reactions and involvement. If your posts are getting likes and comments from followers in particular, you must be doing something right.

I had never thought much about that, but based on that metric above my Instagram posts pull regularly between 3.5% and 6% and some even above 6%. So while I do not have thousands of Instagram followers, it seems my slightly under 500 followers do seem to pay more attention than average. That is a helpful little ego boost.

Naturally this is WordPress, not Instagram. Blogs are different. I don’t know how that sort of “rule” would apply here on WordPress.

There seem to be a lot of “spam” blogs that I notice follow me, who never like or in any way “engage,” and then end up deleted. So they certainly don’t count.

I also find I get lots of likes from real bloggers just passing through, who may like this post or that post, but never follow me. Sometimes they may be likers for months on end and then suddenly they are gone never to be seen again.

I also know I have some friendly now and then visitors, who don’t follow, but who pop in and may like a post and then I don’t see again for months and… eh, they (unlike the previous paragraph) are suddenly back again. (I must be bookmarked somewhere or something and they appear now and then.)

Of real followers, you guys’ “engagement” is harder to predict.

I find a large percentage may never actually like a post ever. They just follow looking apparently for a follow back without realizing blogs don’t work that way: blogs are not like Instagram. Indeed I can’t actively follow all the blogs I might like to because if I did all of that reading would mean I would have no time to do my own writing.

Some followers I have also noticed are active for a while liking and even commenting, but then eventually stop liking posts and basically “disappear.” However, they also never unfollow. Obviously I did not hold their attention for some reason and they just stopped visiting.

But sometimes blog followers also “vanish” because they have let their own blogs go – if I follow in return on quite a few occasions if I visit theirs I see the blogs are now basically “dormant,” with no new posts for sometimes months and even years. Obviously blogging was not for them, or they got seriously distracted by something else and never returned to their blog or to read blogs. (I have had several blog followers who had been regular likers and visitors who clearly “hit it big” on Instagram, for example, and their blogs evidently became less important to them.)

Above all, many of my regular likers and commenters are followers I know have generally been around stopping by here for years.

As you may know – but if you are just stopping by and don’t – I am here primarily for writing and for my books. To be honest the biggest proof of engagement to me is not likes or comments, but book sales. This site is essentially my “storefront”: It is where most of my novel readers I suspect have found me to find my books, so that fact alone makes keeping this blog humming with new posts several times a week worthwhile. Any new visitor is a potential reader.

Whether I am an “influencer” or not. LOL!

Have a good day, wherever you are.