I Am Not A Killer

Writers’ humor is commonplace on social media. Here’s one authoring “joke” we see repeated a lot in various forms on sites like Instagram. I get what it intends to convey, yet I have never liked this (even if lighthearted) perspective:

[From Instagram.]

Because I don’t agree… because I am not homicidal.

What other writers do is what others do. My basic view of writing is I am not injecting “myself” into what is happening. Rather, I am relating to readers what I see happening.

In short, I am NOT deciding “Character A” will die, but merely state if we are witnessing “Character A” die. I think it is best if you as the author see what you are doing NOT as if you are “controlling” the tale in the manner some great “puppet master,” but that you are instead simply communicating to readers what has been and is occurring. It is a decidedly subtle but worthwhile difference.

[My desk. Photo, June 2021.]

Three personal quick examples of that approach:

1) Solitude. I – as the author – am not telling the character what to think here, I am alongside the reader simply seeing what the character is thinking:

[From Passports: Atlantic Lives, 1994-1995 On Kindle for iPad/iPhone. Copyright 2013.]

2) Socializing. Again, I am not involved here, I am “eavesdropping” alongside the reader together as we “listen in” on their talk:

[From Tomorrow The Grace. On iPhone/iPad. Copyright 2019.]

3) Action. I am NOT orchestrating this, I am just a “spectator” here alongside the reader as we await what will happen next…

[From Conventions: The Garden At Paris. On iPhone/iPad. Copyright 2017.]

It may be just “psychological,” true, but that perspective allows me to sit back and give “those” involved “the space” to do what “they” are doing and to experience what “they” are experiencing… for good or for bad. I write as if I am as much of an onlooker as anyone else. I AM NOT A KILLER. LOL!

On that happy note, have a good day, wherever you are. 🙂