Attack Of Maturity

I was writing yesterday and in the late afternoon made myself a coffee:

[Photo by me, June 9, 2021.]

I have gotten lots done in recent days on the latest manuscript. It is increasingly looking much like a full novel that resembles its two immediate series predecessors. That naturally pleases me.

Drinking my coffee and looking at what I had just written, I started thinking more broadly… which is always dangerous. (LOL!) As I did, it hit me that I had something for a blog post, too. I decided I would then draft it – to publish now when completed, this morning.

With my first novel in 2013 I aimed for what I hoped made for a “clear” and relatively “easy” read – what might be called a “page turner.” It is deliberately not excessively wordy or overrun with too much description – at least in my opinion. I had thought at the time that such a “sparse” style would be best for a “debut”:

[From Passports. On Kindle. Photo by me, 2021.]

I have worked since then to become more “adventurous” in my writing style. If I consider what I am writing now compared to that fictionalized semi-memoir written eight years ago, the current manuscript is far more in-depth in some ways and much more complex. Yet I still hope and aim for it to be a relatively “clear” and “easy” read, too.

I thought of that comparison as I was writing this yesterday:

[Sneak peek from Capture The Cause. Click to expand.]

What had struck me too is how life is invariably about irresistable change. It is one thing to write people over the course of, say, only three years – essentially, a “snapshot” – in their 20s. It is decidedly something else to write and follow people over decades.

To do the latter, we need to be aware of how life matures us. No matter what we may wish, none of us ever stand still. Many of you reading this will be in your twenties and young thirties and you may feel you do not yet understand those in their forties or older, but you too will learn eventually what it is to be that age.

You will also come to experience seeing younger people coming up behind you and that is a disconcerting feeling when it dawns on you that you are no longer as “young” as you were. A remarkable fact of how we age is we always feel the same way inside regardless of how chronologically “old” we are or how we look on the outside. I know I do not “feel” inside like a “different” person than I was at age 35 or at age 21.

[Sneak peek from Capture The Cause. Click to expand.]

It happens to all of us.

Oh, and two new manuscript excerpts in one post. Why not? It will be another BIG novel, and we never want to get “stale” either as writers… or bloggers.

I know I am fond of also declaring on here that the latest manuscript is one in which I have “lost my mind.” By that I generally mean I have sought to push boundaries back just a bit more and write stuff differently than I did previously. This time, once again, I think you may find I have truly again “lost my mind”…

[Draft cover, Capture The Cause, February 1, 2021.]

…but I hope in a readable and entertaining way.

Have a good day, wherever you are. 🙂


[NOTE: I had had a posting problem, so I deleted the original posting and reposted it here. This is the same post as the original post. Sorry for any link confusion.]