Looking Back

Hope you had a decent weekend. No posts here for a few days, I know. So what have I been up to?

Aside from writing and more reading, earthshattering stuff…

First, I have been rewatching a series I have enjoyed:

{The Bonfire of Destiny, On Netflix.]

Second, in terms of social media, this:

And yesterday, this return to 1995:

Oh, and I had my first stop by at another social media site where I no longer participate, to see if I am missing anything that might lead me to reconsider my retirement from it.

And I noticed questions that aim to attract replies to up engagement again predominated:

Some of my neighbo(u)rs know. But “the town?” No, “the town” does not know.

I have not yet been feted by the Lord Mayor(ess) and the town’s great and good.

The first part is – I presume – self-explanatory.

As for the second, no. I do not and have no plans for one. The world does not need another podcast.

That was clearly not a question, but it led me to find myself with questions of my own.

Normally I respect that tweeter. But I had always thought the point to novels is to shine a light on topics and even create debate: meaning “trigger” thought and discussion. For instance, I just heard in the background here on BBC Radio 4 (I often listen to the radio/music while writing), some novelist talking about her book that addresses 80 year olds wanting to kill themselves because they think life has no value after age 80.

However, presuming he is using that expression in the newer sense (“Trigger warning“), I don’t understand what he is demanding be done and how. And no tweet before that one or since in his timeline sheds any light on it. It is just tossed out there into the great Twitter void.

So we move along. Back to direct questions…


[From Passports. From Kindle for iPhone and iPad.]

Just in those few paragraphs, uh, let’s see… one based outright on my (now late) uncle (written when he was alive, and he even read it), another one based on someone unrelated (who I believe is still alive), and, well, someone based largely on me (and I am, insofar as I know, still alive too).


I am not answering that under my right to invoke my right not to engage in self-incrimination and certainly not without a lawyer present.

I usually do (or at least, I did).

Here is my (revised) current Twitter bio:

I doubt it is going to get me any new followers. LOL!

My opinion on flashbacks?


[From Conventions: The Garden At Paris. Paperback.]

...I think that answers that question on my opinion about flashbacks.

Hmm, life has no value after age 80, huh? That assertion is definitely bulls-it.

And I think that visit back to that site also reminded me once more why I decided to retire from it. 😉

Have a good Monday, wherever you are. 🙂