“What the book is about”

It is always reassuring to see someone else complaining about something that bugs you, too:

[From Instagram.]

My books do.

Two examples.

First, the opening novel (2017) from my 1700s-1800s series:

And my very first novel (2013), the first of three in a 1990s tale:

[Passports. Copyright 2013.]

Those descriptions are what are also more or less found on web sites such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I make sure they have summaries on the back paperback cover for the same reason that Instagrammer desires; when I pick up a book I want to be able to have a quick way to find out what it is about. I could not care less about some glowing and likely vague endorsement of it – “A groundbreaking and important book…” blah, blah, blah – that was obtained by the publisher.

I write not only because some 20 years ago my [then living novelist] uncle had urged me to give it a go, although that was certainly part of the reason. More importantly in some ways, I realized having previously been a teacher that I wanted to do original works. In short, I was no longer interested in talking about what others had written nearly as much as I wanted to produce my own writing.

The expression credited to Benjamin Franklin, “Either do something worth writing or write something worth reading,” was and remains much on my mind. I feel, for me in this life, it is to be more the latter than the former. So I aim to try to produce something(s) hopefully worth reading:

[Sneak peek from Capture The Cause. Click to expand.]

Therefore, my back cover is for my story, and to help potential readers decide if what is inside appeals to them.


Have a good day, wherever you are. 🙂