London, Fifteen Years Ago

That issue rears its head, yet again:

The original post to which she refers is found here. You may know my views on that “write what you know about” maxim. I have noted it here several times.

In a world awash with questionable writing advice, I believe it is actually about THE BEST advice there is and is really little more than common sense. Most recently, I explained why on March 3: “It is what I know.

So seeing that on Instagram, naturally I could not resist offering my “two cents.” Particularly if you are a new writer, it is the place from which to start. I think this well-sums up my opinion:

[From Instagram, May 17, 2021.]

As I was all involved commenting there, I could not help but think also that I had about finished a new short story.


A 2006 Moment” is attached below as a .pdf you can download. It is sort of a “travel” tale, but more of an early 2000s “relocation” one. Click below on the London photo and it will open in your browser:

It is only about 2,500 words, so it is really just a long blog post and therefore I hope a good length for a quick read. In fact, I wrote the entire story in just three days: from May 16, 17, and earlier this morning. The idea struck me and… off I went typing typing typing…

Given that Insta-post above, and thinking about that story now, I have written, again, yet something else I believe I “know about.” I say I “know about” it because essentially it happened to me here in London about fifteen years ago. It is also FREE to read – and always will be – and I will be placing it alongside my 2020 published short story.

I guess I needed a writing break from the early 1800s. Besides me, you are the first to read it. No one else has. 🙂

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  1. I loved the “short.” Someone once said, probably on Instagram, that readers enjoy getting to know the authors, that learning personal details somehow adds to the enjoyment of the reading. Teaching at a university in London must have been an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing. Write more please, lol.

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