“Old Fashioned” Blogs

We may remember the jokes from a few years ago about how younger people fled from Facebook once Mom or Auntie joined it, too. (After all, who wants to have Mom and Auntie seeing ALL of your life? LOL!) Increasingly, though, it appears that blogs too are being left behind by especially younger people who prefer video and other media-rich platforms. YouTube, Tik Tok, and Instagram, for example, are evidently making blogs actually appear somewhat heavy going and even a bit “old fashioned.”

Younger users are apparently just not as interested in reading wordy blog posts. That does not mean, though, that reading books itself is dying. 2020 was actually an excellent year for fiction sales, reports the Guardian:

Fiction sales in 2020 soared by more than £100m for UK publishers, as readers locked down at home made their escape into books, with audiobook sales also climbing by more than a third.

While I know I have you here, I suspect many to most of you do NOT visit my Instagram. And I gather also that most of my Instagram followers rarely come by here to… a ye olden days olde blog. So pulling you all together is a struggle.

That above is an Instagram post of mine from yesterday.

Today being International Mother’s Day, I just posted this over there:

Every now and then, I like to try to bridge a bit of the divide between what goes on Instagram and what is posted here. It is not all that easy to do. But if you like Instagram, above you have a couple of samples of Insta-posts… here on my blog. LOL!

And this is not a very “wordy” blog post here today, either. 😉

Hope you are having a good weekend, and Happy Mother’s Day to you mothers out there. 🙂


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