Jabbed At Last

A quick, and short, but I feel important post:

[Photo by me, March 18, 2021.]

Other than waking up with a slight headache, nothing scary to report as of yet – I had the first Oxford-AstraZeneca jab about 15 hours ago.

Oh, one thing, though. Just be aware. I find I have an increasing desire to make Microsoft Edge my default search engine. (That is a JOKE about the Bill Gates “Control The Planet” plot through implanting microchips internet NONSENSE.)

All kidding aside, if ANY approved jab is available to you, don’t be foolish. Listen to doctors and have it.

We learned yesterday my wife’s colleague’s grandparents in Budapest – in their early 70s – are both now in hospital with COVID and could die. BOTH of them.

[From my Instagram, May 2020. We had been watching (and enjoying) the Russia-made “Ekaterina” (Catherine the Great) series. I always need my 1700s fix!😋 But in our current predicament I must say it was a bit off-putting to watch an episode featuring, uh, SMALLPOX.😱]

Remember, the vaccines you received in your youth, chances are, are why you are even here alive and reading this.

[President Thomas Jefferson, writing to Dr. Jenner of the smallpox vaccination breakthrough. From The Portable Thomas Jefferson, ed., Merrill Peterson. From my Instagram, November 2020.]

Have a good weekend, wherever you are. 🙂

Further thoughts?

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