These Ten Points

I do not write to satisfy any “check list.” I do not believe that any writer really should. Still, these are pretty good points:

[From Instagram.]

So I thought replying one by one might be fun. Here are that Instagrammer’s ten novel-writing suggestions… each applied to a sample from my most recent two novels (which are a series) that I wrote between 2016-2019…

[Conventions: The Garden At Paris and Tomorrow The Grace, Kindle versions. Photos by me, February 2021.]

…LONG before reading that now five day old Instagram post.

1) I think I have:

[From Conventions: The Garden At Paris.]

That seems a bit “romantic.”

2) I think it is:

[From Tomorrow The Grace.]

Is encompassing George Washington, early American independence, the French Revolution, and Napoleon, “big” enough?

3) I have a “central” character, but these novels are better described as “ensembles”…

[From Tomorrow The Grace.]

…and I think their major characters are broadly “sympathetic.”

4) They are not superhero tales with cartoonish villains…

[From Conventions: The Garden At Paris.]

…but I think I give us some reasonably (based on the characters’ experiences) to fear and dislike.

5) I feel also that these books are…

[From Conventions: The Garden At Paris.]

…the lengths that they as “big” stories require.

6) I do not aim to concoct subplots as much as…

[From Tomorrow The Grace.]

…write what I hope to be major characters facing a variety of life situations.

7) They are books meant to reflect life…

[From Conventions: The Garden At Paris.]

…and in that I do hope there is the occasionally “unpredictable.”

8) I “resolve” what I believe needs resolving when I think it needs resolving…

[From Tomorrow The Grace.]

…yet, as we know, not everything is neatly resolvable in real life, so neither should it be in real-life based novels.

9) Well, of course…

[From Conventions: The Garden At Paris.]

…because, as we know, what “the world” happens to be is how someone(s) sees it.

10) They are not unrealistic action and fantasy tales…

[From Tomorrow The Grace.]

…for what happens has actual, perhaps mortal, consequences, and I think I keep things moving.

[Draft cover, Capture The Cause, February 1, 2021.]

I hope that coming third book above in that series will achieve much the same.

I conclude by nervously offering that, uh, I hope I have passed that “ten point” test. 😉

And I hope you are having a good weekend. 🙂