Why Do We Follow?

Will that do?… No, that’s awful… But what if I change it?…

[Photo by me, February 16, 2021. Any text Copyright Me, 2021.]

I don’t know… Maybe…

I’ll stop. (What is on that screen is nowhere near ready to be seen by anyone other than me. Thus my paintbrush blur job.) I need a break.

Taking such a writing break, I may decide perhaps to stalk you scroll social media. Example, possibly Instagram (which has become my favorite). Yesterday I saw this pop up from somewhere:

[From Instagram Stories.]

And all I could think was: Surely you don’t? You know how much time I spend building up to that last page? And you ruin it all? LOL!

At some point after, I was letting Stories roll by when I saw one from a familiar follow (and follower) who asked – she was also talking to camera, explaining more detail – this. I suspect it is a question many of us have. However, since we never do directly ask, we never know in terms of most followers.

It is tough to read in this Messages screenshot of her Story, but she asks below in the question box: “Why do you follow me on Instagram?”:

[From Instagram Stories, February 16, 2021.]

I did not reply in the box (as I thought it might be too long an answer). As we do so now and then, I messaged instead:

[From Instagram Stories, February 16, 2021.]

And I added this:

[From Instagram Stories, February 16, 2021.]

To which she replied:

[From Instagram messages, February 16, 2021.]

Isn’t it remarkable when it becomes so “ordinary” with SOME with whom we follow and perhaps interact? I could NOT remember how precisely I had even found her to follow in the first place. It is THAT long ago and I suppose buried somewhere in my memory.

The same could be said, as well as asked, of some of you too, of course. Suddenly, I am curious. If anyone dares, the comments below are open:

Why do you follow my blog here?

Is it my marvelous books? My astounding travel pieces (pre-pandemic, at least)? My insightful history posts? My fantastic sense of humor? My striking good looks? Or do you too no longer remember why? LOL!

Hope you’re having a good week so far. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Why Do We Follow?

  1. I remember why. I found interesting your being an American expat in the UK. I met a few during my diplomatic career, when I was responsible for our establishments in the UK, Ireland and Benelux. I found their non-government views refreshingly candid and useful to my regional understanding.

    Additionally, I believe we share a passion for history and, why not, for the special relationship we have with our former colonial masters.

    Our common interest in book writing is the “cherry on top,” despite the genre differences. That’s why.

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    1. I stumbled on you on Twitter, as I recall, over an issue you had written thinking your Kindles were not available here. After that I saw your site. I liked what I saw of your interesting diplomatic career and how genuine you were and that you liked history. And when I saw your loved dogs? After that, I was definitely following. 😊

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