The January 6th Insurrection

He – I will not even write his name – needs to be removed from office. Now.

[From Instagram, January 7, 2021.]

He has absolutely proven now what many of us had thought he was. He is an anti-democratic, lying, idiot fascist. In order to try to stay in power he summoned up a mob to invade the Capitol in looking somehow to disrupt the final congressional certification of the November 3 election of his successor.

This president NEVER intended to accept the result of an election that did not go his way. Senator Mitt Romney (who was himself defeated seeking the presidency in 2012) said it best. To paraphrase: No evidence that can be brought to bear about a fair vote will satisfy him or his voters, so those voters must now simply be told the truth: HE LOST.

We have to stop, I believe, also placating the types who invaded the Capitol. We have to see them for what they are. For example, no longer should they be allowed to portray themselves as somehow marginalized victims “not having been heard.”

Because since the writing of the Constitution in 1787, they have been largely OVER-HEARD. The Constitution was ratified including a compromise that made an enslaved Black (who could not vote and was property) “3/5” of a white in apportioning representation for the House of Representatives. That led to whites in states with enslaved Blacks having their national voices greatly amplified.

[My opinion: From my Instagram Stories, January 6, 2021.]

That “3/5 Compromise” nonsense was finally repealed upon the federal government’s victory over the slave-owning South in the Civil War (1861-1865), with a Black becoming (at least on paper) “1 person” like a white. However, relatively small states POPULATION-WISE in the South and in the West (most of which are mostly white and largely rural) remain OVERREPRESENTED in the constitutionally-mandated Electoral College that votes for president because of the often huge differences in state populations. Those smaller states are also similarly OVERREPRESENTED in the Senate due to every state having 2 senators regardless of a state’s population. (As a New Yorker, for example, my senatorial vote is worth much less than the senatorial vote of a voter, from, say, Wyoming or South Carolina.) So such whites are somehow VOICELESS in national politics? They are supposedly MARGINALIZED? To be blunt, bulls-it.

The U.S. Civil War began due to whites in the South (a distinct minority by then of the national population) sensing their cherished and privileged livestyles (made possible mostly by Black enslavement) were threatened, or if not slave-owning as whites (most whites were too poor and so did not own slaves) those whites saw threatened their “innate racial superiority” merely for being white, because of an increasing anti-slavery attitude within the federal government. These January 6 insurrectionists are cut from the same cloth as white southerners of 1861: they imagine they are “oppressed” because they do not get everything their way, believe themselves “superior” to those who are not white, and feel they have some God-given “right to rule” over, particularly, those who are not white.

When we hear them – including this insurrectionist president – say the likes of how they want “to take back our country,” from whom do we suppose they want to “take it back”? They are talking of course in coded terms about those in the country whom they do NOT believe have a right to rule, or to vote, or perhaps even to live, in the country. Many to most may be willing to accept those who are not white dwelling among them just as long as those people understand they do not “rule”: only they as white people do.

How ironic is this, too. In Georgia, on January 5, two new Democratic senators – one of them Black; the first one ever elected to the Senate from Georgia – won their offices thanks largely to Black Georgian voters turning out in large numbers and VOTING peacefully.

[My opinion: From my Instagram Stories, January 6, 2021.]

A day later, the U.S. Capitol was overrun by riotous (mostly) whites who think they are somehow UNHEARD. Black Americans were VOICELESS and POWERLESS for centuries, and yet these whites have the nerve to believe losing one presidential election makes them “oppressed?” They need to learn finally that they do not ALWAYS get their way. Indeed, as Senator Romney said: they need to be told, in no uncertain terms, their candidate LOST.

That candidate, this corrupt and ugly president, has encouraged those whites’ self-pitying, delusions, and outright ignorance. He manipulated their sense of entitlement and superiority complex about their “right to rule” in order to use such to vault to power in 2016. Now he has used them to try to maintain his political position (and evidently his dreams of dictatorship) at odds with the votes cast on November 3 by 81 million Americans leading to 306 electoral votes that in summation tell him only one thing: “You’re fired.”

A major lesson we have absorbed too from these dark years of 2017-2021 is how DANGEROUS it is electing someone like him to the presidency because, although co-equal with the 535 member Congress and 9 member Supreme Court, the presidency is held by ONE person. Many of the Founders in 1787 writing the Constitution feared a powerful executive presidency for PRECISELY that reason, which was why they designed it with George Washington and his sense of restraint and public duty and decorum in mind. However, many of them also privately feared back then: what happens if someone who is the antithesis of George Washington someday wins?

[Above George and Martha Washington’s tombs. Mount Vernon. Photo by me, 2011.]

And that last there happened in 2016: this man is unvirtuous, unprincipled, self-absorbed, undemocratic, immoral, and the list goes on. A nut or two – or even twenty of them or so – in the House or in the Senate, or even one or two blockheads on the Supreme Court, is NOT NEARLY as dangerous as what has happened here with the presidency since this current president got lucky in the Electoral College in 2016 and won the presidency ONLY because of those state population imbalances that gave smaller states – and many of his voters – a MUCH BIGGER VOTING VOICE than their states’ POPULATIONS truly warranted. (Remember, he attracted nearly 3 million votes nationally FEWER than his opponent, Hillary Clinton. Essentially, he was always a minority president.) We had accidentally or stupidly or simply had really bad luck, in having the executive branch fall into the hands of that unstable conman of no governmental experience who has since then profoundly damaged our country, and as we have just seen orchestrated a riotous effort to try to prevent the peaceful transition of power from himself to his elected successor.

This president should be removed from power immediately through the 25th Amendment to the Constitution and/or impeachment/conviction. Two weeks is an “eternity” in this situation. Allowing that insurrection-stirring man to remain in office, even for just 13 more days, until January 20, when President-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated as his replacement, is incredibly risky and dangerous.


UPDATE: I post that originally this afternoon (January 7) because I wanted to make my opinion clear as things are now. For if I waited until tomorrow or Saturday, who knows what will have happened between now and then? Thus how chaotic is our country’s governance living under the insurrectionist thug still (as of now) in the White House.

UPDATE 2: We awaken this morning January 8 to see he is still president. Thursday evening he posted a conciliatory statement (he clearly did not write) saying there will be a new administration January 20. That latter is irrelevant. He is unpredictable and fully capable of doing something else previously unthinkable tomorrow. He must not be permitted to serve out his term with no consequences and must face punishment for the mob attack he orchestrated and the discredit he has brought upon the presidency.