If You Are Home, Too (Again)… Hello!

Sunday afternoon, rain and sleet outside, and darkness approaching, and avoiding (as you probably are, wherever you are) the plague, besides just watching Leicester v. Newcastle I decided I might as well try to make use of the time working a bit more on the manuscript

[Photo by me, January 3, 2020.]

In the evening, I was also tasked with finding the household shared lounge viewing…

[Photo by me, January 3, 2020.]

…and, wow, was that stressful. LOL!

It appears there will be lots more STAY HOME viewing as a new national anti-COVID “lockdown” is in force across the U.K. again. Netflix, etc., are fine. But social media will again also be where we might turn for some interaction.

One place I read as you know is the #writingcommunity on Twitter. I dip in there occasionally to see specifically what authors I stumble on there are tweeting about…

I am American, a New Yorker, married for 21 years to a British woman (who is now also a U.S. citizen).

If to “tune out” for a while I watch an episode or two of Seinfeld reruns, I am told I start to speak the way they do on that program…

…and that in itself almost keeps me from watching them. LOL!

Above we have yet someone else claiming to be looking for book suggestions.

Well, rather than idiotically tossing that out there (as many do) without providing any idea of what he wants to read, at least he states he is seeking “non-fiction.”

But can we narrow that down little a bit more, too? Meaning “non-fiction” what? The History of Space Travel? How to Garden on a City Roof? Motorcycling: Pro Or Con?

Some advice: Don’t send the manuscript or book to your friends unsolicited seeking feedback. Only send it to any who state UNPROMPTED BY YOU that they are interested in reading it. It is not complicated.

In short, don’t do what you would not want done to you.

No, you are not insane.

If that is not the quoted “Stephanie Lennox,” what is the deal with that photograph and what does it have to do with that tweet?

My goals for 2021? To try to get through the year alive, reasonably healthy, and not completely broke.

I am increasingly finding Twitter not distracting nearly as much as a waste of time – at least in terms of tweeting itself. I sense some new writers are drawn to Twitter because they think it is an easy path to increasing their book sales, and while tweeting incessantly is likely to yield some I also think you are more likely to get into big trouble and/or attract lunatic demonic winged monkeys there than increase sales enough to make such tweeting really worthwhile. I keep a Twitter account now, mostly, because… well, a writer is “expected” to have one.

I find the blog here far more useful for me. I have the space properly to develop what I want to say. I also reach far more people usefully with a post here than I do tweeting a few times into the great Twitter void.

A blog can also be an excellent additional “daily” writing exercise. Blogging original stuff at length – meaning not just cutting and pasting and posting stuff from elsewhere – forces me to stay “sharp” in regularly, and often quickly, writing PUBLICLY while I may be also privately working on that next book. Writing well, remember, requires sustained practice… and spending half the day tweeting is NOT the same as actually writing.

Over the last year and some, I have found Instagram to be far better for me as a writer than Twitter. I admit I find that strange as I don’t consider myself all that photogenic or a particularly good photographer. But somehow I feel I have managed a create a “voice” on Instagram that I cannot seem to match on Twitter.

Indeed most of my Instagram followers are not other writers following (and often unfollowing) because they want to pad their follower numbers…

…and most of my Instagram writer followers are actually FRIENDS with whom I regularly engage there: in public in the comments as well as also through private messages.

And I know as well that I attract book buyers through Instagram.

So aside from my blog and web site here – which is absolutely required – I consider Instagram my best “social media” site.

[The vaccine is on the horizon. NHS December 30 info text, from my Instagram Stories.]

Have a good Tuesday, wherever you are locked down, or just staying in, and watching Netflix and/or “social media-ing” or even READING, in the world. 🙂