Winding Down Another Year

To finish and in most ways good riddance also to 2020, I thought a relatively simple post might be best:

[Christmas presents. December 25, 2020.]

Apt gifts for Christmas from close friends – sent through the post: How to battle writer’s block (fortunately I have never had that, so if I ever do at least I am ready); a writer’s calendar and notebook for 2021 (which may be useful as I try to finish the new book BEFORE 2022); and – appropriate for our times – a homemade cloth mask.

[From my Instagram Stories, December 30, 2020.]

On Instagram I stumbled on that observation and, as you see, I threw my own two cents out there as well. The major reason I am a writer is my (now late) uncle (a crime novelist who died in 2015) urged me to give it a go. I would never have had the courage to do so if not for him.

Back in the 1990s he began to get on at me to write a novel. I was around that same time lucky to meet and get to know his French publisher. (Essentially I was pushed into meeting him.) As I learned more about what my uncle did and who he knew and so on, I started to think… I kinda find this authoring stuff intriguing.

But as life further took over in the 2000s notions of writing fiction faded ever more into the background to the point it seemed I never would. Yet he never stopped occasionally quietly cajoling me: “You really should try writing a novel…” Finally, in 2012-13, I decided it was the time: I did…

and he liked that book (and did not even mind I had fictionalized him – and not always flatteringly so) and told me to keep at it.

I realized I had material for probably at least two sequels. So I did not want to stop as a “One Hit Wonder” so to speak. And my uncle fortunately lived long enough to read the second book, too.

I suppose writing is now something I will do for the rest of my life.

[Photo by me, December 31, 2020.]

As 2021 is about to be – like it or not – thrust upon us, I am now writing my sixth…

[Capture The Cause. Draft Cover: A Warsaw street in 1777. Copyright 2020.]

…and here is a little something written just days ago that may appear in it:

[An 1814 sneak peek from Capture The Cause. Click to expand.]

So I say here: if you want to write, write. And indeed let us hope as well that there will be more “sense” and “sensibility” in 2021. Here’s wishing you a safe and healthy and prosperous New Year. 🙂