When Words Will Not Do

I am home for about another week. “Self-isolation,” post-foreign travel, upon return to the UK is required for now. It is the LAW: if you are caught ignoring it, you face a heavy fine.

It is on us too to some extent as well. We should all do our civic best to be decent and try to follow guidelines. Killing anyone accidentally just because I want to go to a shop is not something I would ever want to do – and I don’t think any of us would want to (at least, I hope so).

Aside from decorating and doing some planning for Christmas…

[The Christmas jumper is now here. It was in America. I brought it back. Photo by me, 2020.]

…and bits around the house, such as changing some bathroom taps:

[Work around the house. Photo by me, 2020.]

(Glamorous stuff changing a tap, eh? LOL!)

I hope to get some NOVEL-writing done.

Social media is a way to pass some time, too, of course. (Much as we have been doing in some ways particularly since March.) This writer who I cited the other day is now on Instagram. Remember this?:

[From Twitter.]

I addressed her main point in the previous post. However, her joining Instagram itself jumped to my mind again after I noticed something the other day from one of my own Instagram followers. The latter got me thinking about INSTAGRAM.

It struck me how Instagram seems so fundamentally unsuited for us as writers. We are not photographers (nor even necessarily even particularly photogenic ourselves). Writers are about WORDS.

True, Instagram is also full of “memes” that are reliant on understanding words. But leaving WORDS in PHOTOGRAPHS aside here, actual wordless photos may naturally communicate in ways that do not require words. And in the world today that latter has its advantages:

[Male deer. Windham, New York. Photo by me, November 2020.]

Some of my Instagram followers I know are not perfectly English fluent: it is obviously a second language. (Or maybe it is even a “fifth” language. LOL!)

[From Instagram, December 14, 2020.]

Words are what writers are about. That is when a reader can fully UNDERSTAND them, of course. But, writer or not, while we may be unable to offer a truly literate comment ANY OF US can at least offer perhaps a … 🤗👍 … on a photo that resonates.

Words may inadvertently emphasize differences between us. Yet underneath language differences we are all basically the same. Wordless photography on Instagram can help remind us of that fact.

Hope you are having a good day, wherever you are. 🙂