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I am a bit surprised by all of the new followers I have attracted. In recent weeks I have also much improved my daily visitor numbers. I hope I don’t disappoint you all! LOL!

Now nearly midway through November, we are hip deep in authoring tweets like this:

[From Twitter.]

Word counting all over the place.

As if the number of words written in a rough draft REALLY matter?

Get the story WRITTEN, then edit.

[From Instagram.]

Seeing an author cite such about a work in progress, I can only think that while it is wonderful that reader liked the book, suppose the opposite had been the case? What would that author do if the person DID NOT LIKE it? Rewrite the book?

Too many opinions is called unhelpful. That is why I do not like “beta readers.” As an author, you cannot aim to write books to please everyone.

[From Twitter.]

Yep, that is what I do: “the usual grind.” Because ultimately that is how it is always done. I do NOT do “NaNoWriMo” and never will.

This was a blank page a few hours ago:

[From the as of yet unnamed follow up to Tomorrow The Grace. Copyright 2020.]

Now, as I post this (at an odd time for me, I know) it is that (and more).

I do not expect, or even hope…

[Amazon.com author page, November 10, 2020.]

…to be able to please every reader.

And I do not count words as I write.

I just try to write the best tales I can manage to write.

That is why I am here and why this blog exists.

Hope you have had a good day, wherever you are. 🙂

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