Letter To My Republican Friends

To my Republican friends:

I am one of you. I became a registered Republican shortly after 9/11/2001; I had believed too many Democrats’ reactions to 9/11 were rooted in trying to blame U.S. foreign policy for the attacks. Subsequently I voted for George W. Bush, then for John McCain, and then for Mitt Romney.

Then I voted for her in 2016. I did so because she was much more experienced and competent than him. And I feel 2020 has PROVEN that to be correct. I believe firmly that if SHE were president now that many tens of thousands (possibly including one or more of our friends and relatives) would NOT be dead or dying or sickened in the COVID-19 pandemic; she would have handled it FAR BETTER than him.

It is often said in some parts of the country – particularly the South and the West – that we in New York think we know better and are smarter than them. We do not actually think that way. In this sense, though, we do know better… due to decades of EXPERIENCE of him.

[The new One World Trade Center. Photo by me, 2018.]

When it comes to HIM, we in New York have known him A LOT longer than you have and in much greater depth. He was born in New York City not far from where my parents were and at about the same time. We have seen his nonsense and that of much of his family for many decades before he won in 2016. We are so vocal about him because we know he is a con artist.

You are now seeing more of what we long knew about him. First of all, he is NOT a business tycoon; he moves money around essentially living from one loan to the next. His “wealth” is smoke and mirrors. Don’t think for a second he would not s-rew you and your entire family without batting an eye if he thought it would be worth it to him. Ask the LONG LIST of small businesspeople who have worked for him and whom he NEVER paid and often ruined because they could not afford to battle him and his cronies in court.

He is a Christian? Really? When does he attend church? (Ostensibly, he is Presbyterian, but I had to look that up.) Ask him about the Sermon on the Mount. “The Golden Rule” is to him for losers. He doesn’t go to church because his ego is so huge; in the manner of authoritarians he thinks he doesn’t need God. Him kneeling before the Creator and considering his sins and how he could be a better person as Christ would wish? Oh, please. It is to laugh.

[Methodist church and open fields. Ashland, New York. Photo by me, 2016.]

What crumbs he throws your way are just that – crumbs. Perhaps you got a small business tax cut? What price the destruction of our country for a few pieces of silver. I have a small business and like tax cuts too, but we need to vote NOT for ourselves. For tens of millions of our fellow Americans, this is another “1932” – the worst year of the Great Depression. Those of us lucky and privileged to have SOMETHING must vote on behalf of those who are struggling. We must be selfless. THAT is what TRUE Christians do.

And he is NOT a Republican. And he is NOT a conservative. He has no real political beliefs. He became a Republican for electoral convenience. As for “conservatism,” he will make a big production about giving you some judges and saying the “right” things, but he cannot believe how gullible you are. He looks at you arguing about the likes of defending the Second Amendment or restricting abortion and he can’t get over that you actually care about this stuff. Because the Constitution and law mean nothing to him; the exercise of power and self-aggrandizement are what he lives for and you matter only insofar as you can fuel his personal ambition. Can he even name all of the Bill of Rights without a cheat sheet?

His attitude to immigration is two-faced and xenophobic (a word he is probably too stupid to be able to spell). Ronald Reagan would not recognize it. My family’s roots in the U.S. go back to the 1850s. Yours may be of similar or even older. His mother was an immigrant (who would now probably have a tough time qualifying for a “green card” under her son’s view of immigration) as were both of his paternal grandparents. How dare this man whose family is so recently arrived in the U.S. – and himself married two out of three times to foreign born women – position himself as the definer of what constitutes “real” Americanness.

He has ACTIVELY discouraged his children from serving in the military – threatening to disinherit them if they joined. Astonishing. More proof he thinks, remember, that military service is for losers and suckers because it makes you no money. He attempts also to POLITICIZE the military to serve his whim – including looking to divide officers from enlisted men and women and make it his own personal “police” force.

Notice always his choice of words. For instance it is “his” Justice Department; but the hell it is – it is OUR department. Droning on and on about law and order when he is the epitome of lawlessness, an American version of that Zimbabwean thug Robert Mugabe – imagining himself to be DEAR LEADER. He picks fights with Mexico and Canada and European allies and admires thugocrats around the world and WISHES he could just rule by executive order and not have to deal with a bothersome herd of representatives and annoying courts that refuse to rule blindly in his favor.

[The famous photo: General Eisenhower, visiting U.S. airborne troops on the eve of D-Day. U.S. army photo. Public Domain.]

He has MASSIVE private loans coming due. We are not talking about a home mortgage. He owes $421 million to unknown creditors. What hold do such creditors perhaps politically have over him? What deals has he cut with them if he is re-elected? He has also been bankrupt at least five times; bankruptcy does not embarrass him; it is a tactic he uses to get out of paying his bills. In him “joking” about a lifetime presidency for himself, you thought he was just kidding to taunt opponents. You are not that naive. Remember he has no sense of humor. (He clearly cannot laugh at all at himself.) But the longer he stays president, the less likely his BIG creditors – too big that he and his lawyer hangers’ on-ers cannot bully them unlike some small business person he refuses to pay – will come after him. Convenient that for him, eh?

He unabashedly misuses our White House for his campaign gatherings. As president he tries to direct business to his hotels and golf resorts. He has attempted to get foreign governments to attack political rivals at home. He has openly called for certain foreign governments to interfere in our elections. The list of his additional misdemeanors and, yes, high crimes, are too numerous even to begin to list here.

Dear Leader entered office in 2017 with no idea even what presidents do all day. He had no experience. He makes it up as he goes along. He never grew into the job and indeed he became WORSE as the years went along. The role is beyond his capacities. I have never felt this way in voting before and my first presidential vote was in 1984.

His handling of the presidency at best smacks of a poorly or even unprepared student who is trying to fake his way through an oral report. Him sticking it to those who you perhaps also don’t like may sound great to you… until suddenly he steps on you. This ill-educated crude man has lived off Daddy’s money and its fumes while pretending to be the second coming of John D. Rockefeller. He played us in 2016; but that is what con artists do: they carry on like they know oh, so much better than we, and are able to convince us what they say is true when it is all lies.

[George Washington’s grave at his home, Mt. Vernon, Virginia. Photo by me, 2011.]

George Washington has spent four years spinning in his Mount Vernon tomb.

What have we ALLOWED to happen?

I have already mailed in my vote for Joseph Biden for President and Kamala Harris as Vice President. There is simply no sane comparison here. Biden will be – whatever his shortcomings – a much BETTER president. His sons served in the military. He will be there for us in the pandemic and actually CARE and do all he humanly and policy-wise can to relieve the burden on us as Americans. He will not be tweeting all day. He will not be wasting time calling in to sycophants hosting cable “news” programs or spouting unintelligible verbal diarrhea at his “rallies.” In fact I bet we will see much less of President Biden… because he will actually be WORKING. When we awake on November 4, if Mr. Biden has won enough of our votes and becomes president-elect we will have a competent gentleman soon to take office and will be able to begin to breathe just a little easier.

In four years, there will be a chance for Republicans to defeat President Biden in an election. Unlike Dear Leader, Biden will not be ARROGANTLY standing before microphones working to undermine our Constitution and faith in our elections by declaring that if he loses it was only because the election was rigged against him; no president in our entire history before Dear Leader ever mouthed such, in the words of Harry S. Truman, undiluted bulls-it. (In fact, I do not think Biden will seek a second term. At 77, I suspect he merely wants to oust DEAR LEADER and will retire after one term.) And if something happens to Biden during his term, Vice President Harris will be competent to step in as president until the next election.

[New York absentee ballot. Photo by me, September 2020.]

Bear in mind too that if Dear Leader wins re-election, there will be NOTHING to check him. Because RE-election is his only policy goal. If he achieves re-election, the corruption, the abuses of power, the kicking of our Constitution whenever he feels like it, the neo-fascist struttings, the endless attempts to divide us and turn us as Americans against one another, will become FAR WORSE over the next four years. If you thought these past four were not great, wait until we have to endure the sequel.

A close “associate” of his (for now, until Dear Leader turns on him too presumably) who you would know and had once been highly thought of (including as an anti-corruption prosecutor) has in recent years inexplicably chosen to destroy that reputation just to carry water for Dear Leader. He had also been a friend of my late uncle’s for nearly forty years until my uncle’s death exactly five years ago – on October 12, 2015. (He even had been I recall at my grandad’s wake in 1979.) In the early 2010s, after seeing that man for a lunch, my uncle told me he had no idea what had happened to him: he said he had lost his mind politically. And that was before this close association with Dear Leader. I can only imagine what my uncle would say about him currently.

There is no dishonor in voting this failure out of the presidency; the dishonor would be in rewarding this four year long horror show with a second term. Even former National Security Advisor John Bolton – and they don’t come more genuinely conservative than Bolton – says Dear Leader is incompetent and should not be re-elected. That really should be the last straw. Bolton has also said he will not vote for Biden either, and that is an acceptable approach too: For the sake of our country and for our children’s and grandchildren’s futures (and for the sake even of what is left of the Republican party that has not yet been hijacked by thugs and neo-Nazis and assorted nutters who all LOVE this guy because he is as thuggish and racist and willfully ignorant as they are), even if you choose just NOT to vote and sit this one out because the thought of voting for a Democrat is still just too repulsive for you, whatever you choose to do as Republicans please DO NOT vote for Donald J. Trump. Our country may never recover if he is re-elected.