Once upon a time, a novel was enough. No more. Now it seems social media promo “trailers” are becoming more and more of a thing.

I have given in: here is my first book(s) “trailer”:

[Conventions: The Garden At Paris, Tomorrow The Grace, and next…]

I hope you liked that. (Even if I will probably never be a film director. LOL!)

Under my tough guy exterior, as you may have guessed by now I am also a bit of a mush.

[A 1794 France excerpt from Conventions: The Garden At Paris. On Kindle for iPhone and iPad. Copyright 2017. Click to expand.]

In any case, I return now once again to WRITING and trying to make that “2021” planned next book actually happen.

Have a good day, wherever you are in the world. 🙂


UPDATE: October 1: I have now uploaded a trailer for my more “modern” novels as well – which you find if you click here.