The History Decree

The current president has been warming up to this for a while. (Recall the Mount Rushmore 4th of July bombast.) So it is not really a surprise. Dear Leader does not like certain historians’ research, so he says he will issue an “executive order” (the latest in his four year string of them, usually undertaken because such would never get through Congress as law) decreeing the creation of a commission – appointed by him, of course – to see to it that U.S. history is taught “patriotically.”

Bear in mind that according to his niece – who was present and heard it in 2017 from his own mouth during a White House visit she made – Dear Leader…

[Too Much and Never Enough, by Mary L. Trump. Photo by me, September 2020.]

thought first president George Washington had lived in the White House. Actually it is one of the most basic and well known facts of the history of the presidency that he NEVER did. The building was not habitable until mid-1800, three years after he left office and about six months after his death. (He served his two terms at the temporary national capitals: briefly New York City and afterward in Philadelphia.)

That Executive Mansion (the White House) in what became the City of Washington was also – sadly, looking back from 2020; but it is a factpartly or mostly constructed by enslaved laborers. (The government paid their masters for their “services.”)

That is American history too… regardless of how uncomfortable it may be.

[1929 memorial to the enslaved persons of Mount Vernon. Photo by me, 2011.]

Think on this for a moment: That ignoramus who does not know one of the most basic facts about the history of the presidency actually has the nerve to lecture professional historians that he knows what constitutes “patriotic” history.

[An 1802 France excerpt from Tomorrow The Grace. On Kindle for iPhone and iPad. Copyright 2019. Click to expand.]

Presumably that excerpt there from one of my novels would also NOT be considered by fascists suitably “patriotic” historical fiction.

This latest executive order promise is merely yet another in Dear Leader’s tiresome four years of efforts at sh-t stirring trouble-makery to encourage divisions among us as Americans: divide and conquer is his goal. His only interest as president really is in his own re-election; he has said that he considers “one-term” presidents (like Carter and George H. W. Bush) to have been “losers.” In all of that and so much more, he is actually the antithesis of the first president he claims so to admire – who had planned to retire at the end of his first term and had to be BEGGED to serve a second – George Washington.

Dear Leader wants a “propaganda ministry” version of history that suits the vanity and ambition of his… empty suit. Teaching history is tough enough as it is, and with this pushed out by him interestingly just weeks before the presidential election (desperate he must be now how much?) to try again to mislead and attract the votes of Americans who are fearful largely because he has done his ugly worst to mislead and frighten them we see again how arrogantly unwilling he is to tolerate any viewpoint that is not in line with his own bigoted and simpleton worldview, and how obsessed he is with the exercise of power based on his personal whim. This order just demonstrates yet again he is – and I do NOT and would NEVER state this lightly and in fact I have NEVER before stated it of a U.S. president because it has NEVER before been the case – I repeat: a fascist.