Call My Agent!

I know I am not blogging nearly as much as I did before my August “holiday.” A major reason is I have found myself caught up with writing the new novel. I am about 30,000 words into the Tomorrow The Grace (hopefully late 2021 publication) follow up, yet I STILL feel I am barely started.

[Cécile de France guest starring as herself in France 2/Netflix’s Call My Agent! (Episode One, 2015), French: Dix pour cent. My Instagram Story, August 17, 2020.]

Watching that entertaining French actors’ agents’ comedy/drama/satire program above (despite numerous examples to the contrary, good new comedy/drama/satire is out there), I think at times of literary agents I have encountered. (Particularly my now late uncle’s longtime one, with whom my mom believed he’d had an affair. LOL!) Like actors, writers always have to cope with being judged and at times “managed.” And like actors and others in “entertainment,” writers now have as we know to be “active” on social media.

I do enjoy interacting with readers (and other writers) on here, on Instagram…

[From my Instagram Stories, August 30, 2020.]
[From my Instagram Stories, August 29, 2020.]
[From my Instagram Stories, August 29, 2020.]

…and elsewhere. But the number of hours in the day are not infinite of course. Writing demands stretches of time devoted privately to efforts which will not come to fruition and thus no one will see for perhaps another year or even more.

I have found that for me the best way to write is to “brainstorm.” By that I mean I know how the novel will start and how it ends, and I have all of the – thus far planned – chapters outlined too. However, that does not mean that I stick “rigidly” to that framework. New “anything” and “anyone” may appear if I find unexpected “inspiration.”

I tend to follow my (now late) novelist uncle’s writing routine. He would begin a writing day by sitting in front of his PC and generally “ask” characters, “Okay, friends, so what are we going to do today?” And off “they” would go…

[From my Instagram Stories, August 31, 2020.]

For the new book, I will have some familiar faces from the previous two novels. But I also want some new ones. I have a couple of the latter already.

I have been mindful too that this next one begins in “1806.” So some of the long-time major characters now move into their forties. And I want to keep some “youth” also in the tale. (Again, thinking there weirdly similarly, I just realized, a bit like a film producer. LOL!)

Yesterday I ended up creating, out of the blue, a new character and a new subplot at one sitting. “Someone” who did not “exist” consciously in my head even 48 hours ago will now be a part of the novel. “She,” a maid, hit me – name, age, background, appearance, and more – pretty much all at once…

[Sneak peek from as of yet untitled follow up to Tomorrow The Grace. Click to expand.]

…And I don’t want to risk giving away any more. Let’s just say here that when that sort of thing happens (if it hits you in the middle of the night even) to you as a writer… YOU WRITE THE CHARACTER/IDEA DOWN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!

There are also those times I find as a writer that as much of any accomplishments of my own for my own sake, I hope someday maybe to create work for others. I do not usually write imagining my novels in film form; I write them to be read. However, the idea of helping others in their careers is appealing, too.

Uh, call my agent! LOL! Have a good day, wherever you are. Happy September! 🙂


  1. I envy your character building abilities. People only speak to me in “real life” hence my attempts at fiction have always been woeful. And I love the prints! Nice addition to your office. Missed that purchase somehow in your stories. 🙂

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    • Thanks. I am seriously looking forward to your book. I suspect you leave quite a few of us in the dust.😊

      The prints were a real find. A guy a few streets over sold them because they were too big for his lounge. I carried them all around town until we circled back home.

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  2. Thank you for the kind words, but I don’t think I can live up to them, lol. I’m like all the rest of us. I read the gorgeous words of others, looks skyward, and moan, “Why can’t I write like that?” We’re all the same, aren’t we? I’m about twenty-five percent finished formatting in Kindle Create. The images are proving to be a bit more time consuming than I thought. Re the prints, don’t you love finds like that? You’ll have to post on Instagram when you get them hung.

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    • I will not back away from my point: I look forward to your book. We all feel at times like we could be better “like him” and “like her.” There may be different writers out there, but there is only one you.


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