August Autumn

Perhaps I am posting too often under the COVID-19 lockdown? Or maybe I am simply not as “interesting” as I was? Or maybe blogs that require a few minutes actually to read – compared to flicking through, say, Instagram – are indeed becoming increasingly old-fashioned?

I experienced an encouraging gradual growth in visitor numbers from my beginnings here in late 2013 through 2016, but I seem to have now lost all of that. I have about half of the daily visitors of six months ago (pre-pandemic), and about only one-third compared to mid-2019. I don’t know why I have fallen off a cliff, but I am not talking about just one or two poorly performing posts.

[Photo by me, August 3, 2020.]

If it is not precisely winter, it seems possibly to be my autumn here. Perhaps six and a half years is simply too long in one blog place and I have worn out my welcome? In a time in which money is tight, falling book sales is no real shocker; but rather than increasing visits and more engagement with my posts on what here is a free blog, I am seeing less and less of both of those as well.

I cannot argue with the blunt numbers staring me in the face. It is no longer a good use of my time to compose often complicated posts that fewer and fewer visitors see. I was not going to say anything and just cease posting for a while, but I decided you have a right to know why the posts have stopped: If you are still one of my regular visitors, please make sure you have your notifications/emails turned on and you will be notified of anything new here, of course.

I do thank you as always for your interest, follows, and definitely your purchases. Let’s just call this an “August break.” Hopefully matters will look better in a few weeks for all of us in terms of EVERYTHING and I will be back here as before.

All the best,

7 thoughts on “August Autumn

  1. My two cents is that this has nothing to do with your lovely blog and everything to do with how wrapped up people are in the pandemic. I would imagine that you have quite a few followers from the United States, and many of them are struggling right now to home school while telecommuting. Lives have drastically changed. Some grandparents are now “babysitting” full time because parents are being called back to work, but schools are only open for distance learning. It’s been madness. Additionally, I think there are some who are completely avoiding the internet and social media. I know I don’t need to tell you all this. It’s just that I don’t think it has anything to do with your posts. Just my two cents. Enjoy your break! 🙂

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    1. Your two cents are MORE than appreciated. I had been thinking some people are wearying of looking at screens, amidst homeschooling, etc., so I’m glad you suggested that.

      But I have also though noticed a longer term dip that the virus may have accelerated. Maybe some readers just PREFERRED my first three modern day travel novels and my more recent historical two are just not as popular, given the dip started in 2017. My peak was 2016.

      Anyway, I’ll take a month or so. I could probably use the break too. A cousin in the States who reads me emailed me within seconds of the post screaming at me that my blog is her morning routine and I’m not allowed to pause. Made me laugh.😂

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