I do not pretend here to blog speak for anyone but myself. I am but a lone writer. Yet I am sure I am not alone in how I have found that, since the March “lockdown,” I am spending more time on social media than ever.

[From my Instagram Stories, June 28, 2020.]

However, that I have been does not translate into more postings. I am doing, I think, simply more reading. But when I do see junk online such as being lectured on Twitter about who my characters should be… naturally I may take to the blog here to blow off some “stay at home” steam.

The virus situation in the U.S. is now such that it was reported the other day that the British government suggests no travel at all to the U.S. before November or December – which frankly utterly depresses me. I did pretty well I think for much of the “lockdown”… until the last few weeks. The horrible news from the U.S. in the last few days has not helped my personal outlook.

However, the lockdown did get me focused on two longer-term useful writing outlets:

1): I finally finished and posted (for free) that 2017 travel short story (that I had actually intended never to publish):

[British Airways First Class lounge dinner menu, Newark Airport, NJ, August, 2017. Photo by me.]

2): I have also gotten a jump on writing more of the next novel (that I hope to have out in late 2021 or early 2022)…

[From the as of yet unnamed follow up to Tomorrow The Grace. Click to enlarge.]

…and I would be lying if I said my own at times somewhat down state of mind did not now and then influence that writing. I may have to go back later in the year to some of it and redo it. Most of us are in some form or other feeling at least a bit beset and stressed out currently.

I have also noticed some I follow at Instagram seem to be relentlessly posting photos of… well, whatever they happen to be looking at or doing at a given moment, or of this pic or that pic from the past. Do we really need to see yet another photo of trees and then the sky and then a beach and then you taking a selfie while holding your book? Do we looking on need yet two more photos in quick succession of the one year old granddaughter (I am sure she is adorable, but all one year olds do look basically the same) and then two memes reposted from somewhere telling me how “YOU can be the best person YOU can be…” within a hour or so?

I admit I have been doing the same… but NOT more than once a day. I guess unsurprisingly naturally most everyone is running in social media place trying to make the best of… wherever it is we happen to be right now.

You know where you are. I know where I am. Whether on here or on Instagram, I try to post when I feel I have something worth posting and not OVERPOSTING and driving you insane or boring you. 😉

Have a good Monday, wherever you too are trying to cope in the world. 🙂


UPDATE: Here’s another bit of “advice” that has just rolled by:

[From Instagram.]

Uh, really? We will try to convince ourselves of nearly anything. LOL!