The Real Cowards

NOTE: What follows is my repost of a Twitter thread I shared this morning. (The photos below were not part of it.) It is I know rather more forthright than I am usually. But frankly I could take no more of reading and hearing what I was encountering without putting up a hand in my little corner of the web and saying, uh, HOLD IT A SECOND…

* * *

In the last few weeks, we have lost – so far – my wife’s uncle in a London care home and a business colleague’s father. Officially. You may have similar tragic tales. And some we know have been sickened (officially), but thankfully have recovered. And it’s far from over yet.

[Photo by me, 2019.]

A close friend works in admin in a Dublin (Ireland) hospital, and she has told us it has been horrible there. Staff have been falling sick of it right and left. She thinks she has avoided it so far, but she is so terrified she wants to quit.

Our small business has basically collapsed. My book sales won’t replace that business. Like so many, we are surviving for now by just… getting by.

And I open Twitter regularly to find brave retweets about not messin’ with Texas, and Jefferson quoters telling us this is all invented. It’s just a bit of flu, they declare. We all gotta die of “sumthin”, they add. Or it’s *really* “guvmint” trying to destroy our liberty.

My reaction to such opinions is this. I’m in my fifties and have read and taught US Founders like Thomas Jefferson for over three decades. You can’t out-quote Jefferson to me. Don’t even try.

[Thomas Jefferson and the New Nation, by Merrill Peterson. Photo by me, 2020.]

But maybe we who stay home to try to help save lives and end this pandemic are the *real* cowards?

[From a British hospital. Photo by me, 2019.]

And those [socialist, you’d claim] NHS staff who’ve died of it…. well, yeh, they could have fallen down stairs at home or been hit by a bus [you’d also assert] or “sumthin.”

[Screen capture of my iPhone, while visiting a British hospital, 2019.]

So you lead the way. Please. Correct our wrongheaded, liberty-wrecking knuckling under to the State. Step away from your keyboard and go volunteer in a hospital for a week (and no wearing any PPE) to show – show, don’t tell – us all how this has all been much ado about nothing.

* * *

Today, there will be a moment of silence for National Health Service (NHS) and other British key workers who have died in this COVID-19 pandemic.

As for you, wherever you are reading this, all the best.