Today At The Silent Movies

Before the technological advance allowing for on-screen dialogue recording, in the first quarter of the 20th century silent films were the thing. For example, here are, uh, highlights from one based on a famous novel. This film 😉 was a huge hit back in 1920:

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That gallery is from my Instagram Stories yesterday. In posting all of those silly captions, clearly I have lost my mind… having some “quarantine” fun there with an early film adaptation of one of my favorite novels: The Last of the Mohicans (1826).

We all need to chuckle in our current situation at least.

On a serious note, the actual REAL film – which is surprisingly good, if naturally dated (and in a few places rather racially questionable at best; but that was the time) – is only a little more than an hour long and is posted in full at YouTube here:

There are lots of other silent film classics on YouTube. Silents are now increasingly out of copyright and may be reproduced freely. We can see the then new on-screen stars our ancestors adored.

And if your conversational English is not all that strong, when it comes to silents like Mohicans the actors often wildly over-exaggerated gesturings, and description captions that are usually pretty basic reading, make the story easy to follow… and you may find yourself as caught up in it as you might be in any modern film.

Hope you are having a good weekend… and staying home and insofar as possible away from other people, wherever you are.

One thought on “Today At The Silent Movies

  1. Not to “one up” you, lol, but my very favorite black and white movie is Mel Brooks’ Silent Movie. Fans of silly humor–Monty Python–will undoubtedly find it hilarious. The movie is one big long bit and features Burt Reynolds, Marty Feldman, and Dom Deluise at their best along with a host of famous characters. If you haven’t seen it, check it out for some comic relief. My daughter watched the first two minutes and declared it “stupid.” After five minutes, she was giggling uncontrollably. 🙂


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