The Way Forward

So my Twitter involvement – see my previous post – will be much reduced and “private,” both of which are good things. As I had joined it in late August with Tomorrow The Grace virtually finished…

[Front cover of Tomorrow The Grace. Photo by me, 2019.]

…I was not on it long enough as an author to get too caught up or distracted by it.

And no longer need I think about providing content there, which is a load off my mind.

* * *

There is always still Instagram. I have found that site far friendlier and more useful. For example, I know for a fact it has gotten me readers who never saw my blog here.

Unlike Twitter, it allows public posts on which you can still vet comments, or turn them off entirely. So there is no need for a “private” account. Nor is there a facility allowing for mob pile ons that Twitter’s format practically encourages.

So the pressure is actually much less on Instagram than on Twitter. You need only post a photo and caption now and then. Insta – which I have used for a few years now – has become my favorite social media (after this blog, of course).

* * *

I have been toying again with the idea of writing a few short Kindle-only stories. I have a vague idea of what they might be about; and I might even revisit that AWFUL one still sitting in my PC since 2017. It might be something, I suppose, to keep me going until I can get another novel… going.

That flies in the face of my desire to take a writing hiatus until June or so, I know. I suppose I miss the daily writing challenge and sense of accomplishment.

As readers do, don’t think an author also does not miss the characters. As the writer you know who they are and you become invested in them too. When you are not writing “them,” you may feel adrift:

[Excerpt from Conventions: The Garden At Paris, Copyright, 2017. On Kindle for iPhone/iPad. Click to expand.]

Indeed, you too may enjoy and honestly miss “their company” as well. 🙂

* * *

To draw a line under this nasty issue. Unlike apparently some authors, I was not on Twitter to assail anyone. Seeing the Twitter-mob-hounding of Ms. Storm – including disgustingly mocking her religious faith – over this solitary tweet…

…led me repeatedly to recall my (now late) crime novelist uncle. He had warned me that some authors are remarkably petty and two-faced: they will act casually all chummy with you, but would also shove you over a cliff without hesitation if it meant they would get more attention… because writing, after all, is also very competitive. I detected that latter mentality among many of her “writer” Twitter besiegers.

After scrolling some of his Twitter feed, I decided to have a look – as anyone can – at the actual writing of the author whose vulgar tweet that was retweeted into my timeline had led me to witness that ugly pile on. He writes in a different genre. The Amazon “look inside” sample for what appears to be his only published novel to date is, to be honest, about what one would expect for a story like his, which is an FBI-based thriller.

That single novel is also a 2017 copyright of apparently just over 240 print pages. That level of published output coming from a thriller novelist is not exactly prodigious. Even assuming he has a new manuscript well underway, while reading that sample I found myself thinking that many tweeting authors should spend much more time privately focused on their actual authoring craft and much less time publicly… pardon me… s-it stirring on f-cking Twitter.

Have a good weekend, wherever you are in the world. 🙂