The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Christmas is now well and truly nearly upon us.

[Photo by me, Potton, England, December 2019.]

However, writers are always writing… and – nowadays – tweeting too:

I had to reply to that obvious oversight. Not to include The Holiday? My goodness.

A question that will create debate forever: Do you prefer Kate Winslet or Cameron Diaz? Or do you prefer Jude Law or Jack Black or Rufus Sewell… or Eli Wallach? 🙂

They are wrong.


Some people, though, do just “follow.” They never really engage or talk with you. Not everyone wants to be “friends.”

Some just want to read blogs and read books. No engagement. And that’s their right.

If everyone who read a post commented on that post… I would be overwhelmed.

It was never my destiny unless I’m a Skywalker and don’t know it. It is something I vaguely recall back in the 1990s wanting to try, but not actually moving towards doing it until 2012. It was then I had some time actually to invest in doing so.

Writing is massively time consuming, so if time is an issue for you, you should probably not try it. You must be able to treat it like work: making time here and there to write will make it only doubly difficult. You need to be able to close the door and have no one bother you for possibly hours regularly at a stretch.

Put another way, writing might be compared to golf: it should not be undertaken if you lack the time to pursue it with a gusto… because if you lack that time you’ll probably never be more than a hacker.

Why do I write? In a few words: a desire to entertain, share some of what I have learned (occasionally the hard way) in life, and, umm, maybe sneak in some history – the former college teacher in me, I suppose – to perhaps unsuspecting readers.

And, uh, hopefully to see a screen version someday! LOL!

I tend to agree about the first person issue. Too many “I” “I” “I” in a book is a put off to me. “I” prefer a narrator (who may be a character). And “I” like third person: “He”/”She”.

I’m not sure what anyone expects me to be upon first meeting me… if they have never met me before.

Unless we are talking social media or book impressions first, followed by meeting the real me.

I do think you might be shocked at how I am… not insane. 😉

Uh, I feel between 387 pages to 629 pages is about right.

[Photo by me, Potton, England, December 2019.]

Okay, I’m kidding. My five novels (to date) fall between those lengths. To me, there is no “best” book length. It is always the length I believe is necessary – while still being readable.

I’m still (re)reading War and Peace (for the first time in over 20 years) and I’m feeling a real sense of accomplishment at working through it. It is not “one” book; it is “several.” For instance, reading “Natasha’s” life story is very different than reading the Napoleonic history.

That is writers. However, it isn’t only writers who tweet, of course. WARNING: Excessive profanity from a business – yes, really – follows…

A publisher named Fahrenheit Press has been busy tweeting lately too. I apologize for posting that, but I feel it is worth addressing here. I had never heard of that publisher before that beaut was retweeted into my timeline.

My initial reaction: I don’t recall such crassness in correspondence or communications I ever saw from my (now late) crime novelist uncle’s publishers, such as HarperCollins. (I met when I’d stopped by his Paris local publisher a genteel and soft-spoken Frenchman.) If that is the crime writing publishing business norm nowadays – vomiting all over us in public – they can, frankly, shove keep it.

The (repeated) use of the “F-bomb” in that “Twitter storm” – there’s more of it – is bad enough. In some ways, though, this (to be polite) juvenilia is worse: I expect to see that sort of tweeting from morons who can’t string a sentence together, but I haven’t really encountered – at least that I recall – the word “d-ck” used in that manner since, uh, probably high school. And whoever posted that there is supposedly an adult.

Speaking of “character.” A blizzard of unnecessary and childish profanity tweeted to the entire world from that publisher because they get some authors trying a bit of a sales job on them?

Anyone may employ foul language. It takes no special skill. Those authors purported “antics” aren’t the real problem here. That publisher needs to grow up: that sort of social media use coming from a business account is appalling.

I know we live in a rather “informal” time and many appear to think bad language doesn’t matter as much as in ye olde days, but gimme a break. Any business that tweets that crudely is not one I will ever respect. And this is probably far more important: seeing that public behavior from a publisher does not exactly cause me to want to rush to buy any of its titles.

Definitely. And that company above seems one of those to be avoided.

Have a great day, wherever you are. 🙂

8 thoughts on “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

  1. Speaking of the correct length of a book, I started reading Don Quixote on November 20th. I’m finishing it today. My copy is 891 pages. Mmmm. I also think a book should be the length necessary. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

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  2. Eli Wallach, of course! Is that even a question? 🤣 Hmmm, favorite Christmas movie . . . We are about three Hallmark movies in, sheer fluffy fun, and have watched the Family Stone which is pretty high up on my list. Tonight is Love Actually. This is a very tough decision. Might have to keep you posted. 😁🎄❄️⛄

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    1. I’m noticing the issue is quite controversial. Such as “Is Die Hard a Christmas film?” Even asking that question sends some into online frenzies. LOL!


  3. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, dear Robert! Looking forward to your new novels! May a new decade be significant for you in all the fields you prefer. Best wishes! Maria

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      1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thank you so much, dear Writer! Please, don’t forget the Author’s annul speech on the 1st of January…a sort of planning for the mysterious 2020 🙂

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