Daydreaming (When You Should Be Writing)

You may know the United Kingdom had a general election yesterday. Some of you would certainly agree with my opinion about the result of the voting, and some of you I’m sure would not. My wife votes here; I cannot:

[Looking towards Market Square, Potton, Bedfordshire, England. Photo by me, December 11, 2019.]

So as you might have guessed (and if you have followed me for a while you probably already knew) I will not discuss it. There are lots of other places on the net for such talk. I’m not on here to argue about partisan politics.

Now that that’s out of the way, back to BOOKS. 🙂 What some writers think about, eh?:

As I’ve said before, I don’t write my books imagining film versions. I aim to write a good story for reading. After all, let’s be honest, a screen adaptation is HIGHLY UNLIKELY for any book.

That said, in an earlier generation a writer like that one above in that tweet would have probably been daydreaming about Clark Gable or James Stewart in a film based in his novel. Today it might also be George Clooney or Brad Pitt. Or maybe it would be some younger actor me being older and, uh, out of touch I don’t know, but whom you might.

And, of course, when it comes to starring in your film adaptation, let’s not forget the women.

In my mind, if I think about it, uh, yes, I would love to see…

…uh, wait, hang on…

…I’m not revealing her name on the internet! The whole world might see! (And my wife reads this!) LOL!

Kidding aside, it is well known a film or television version of a book is a career pinnacle for a writer in at least the financial sense. I’ve written about my uncle’s authoring experience with a potential film adaptation for one of his novels. A writer nowadays really only earns a lot of money through screen adaptations of their work.

So it is understandable authors love the idea of films or television for their books and tweet about it…

Yet in that, I believe, writers have it backwards. It should not be about you wanting your book to be produced. Rather, producers should be elbowing each other aside wanting it and actors lining up for a chance at a role in your novel’s adaptation! LOL!

[Excerpt from Tomorrow The Grace, Copyright, 2019. On Kindle for iPhone/iPad. Click to expand.]

Indeed. London in 1804. Such may also apply to our time too! (James Monroe there is the future U.S. president and his wife, Elizabeth, is the eventual first lady.)

Now, ahem, and if we are to discuss a screen adaptation? Well, I’m easily contactable via my email in the sidebar or my Twitter and Instagram. I will pass along my agent’s details. 😉

Have a good weekend, wherever you are. 🙂