To Pass The Word

We know that dirty word advertising makes the world go around. Every business advertises in some form or another. Even “high-powered” authors – we know one of those when we see them – have to do so too. (And they may even end up with a PR-style “ad” that blunders into GIVING AWAY AN ENDING. Uh, err, oops.)

The reason authors advertise like every other business is obvious. They want to get the word out. For regardless of who you are as an author if potential readers who might well want your new book don’t even know it exists, how will they be able to find it to buy it and read it and (hopefully) enjoy it?

I know too that I also get personal satisfaction in passing along creative “discoveries” I have made… so others learn about them as well:

This may sound odd, but I don’t actually want anyone who doesn’t think my novels are “their taste” even accidentally to buy one. I put myself in their shoes: if I feel duped or talked into something that was not for me, I tend to resent it. And I think that feeling applies to just about everyone else in the world.

However, if what I write is they feel not to their taste, chances are they have friends/family who might well like it and they could tell them about it: “You know I don’t read this period history mush, but I know you like it for some reason.” LOL!

So if you happen to bump into “me” while you (too) are shopping on or as Christmas approaches…

…uh, don’t be too surprised.😁

Have a great weekend.😊

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  1. I say, dear Robert! I have just noticed your new avatar stunning photo! Ads, you mean? Just place your photo dressed in a smoking with a glass of champagne & a sort of a note: “The American-English novelist with the true French heart. It’s time to read the Good novels!” Amazon is a weird place… 🙂

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