Three Points

I had thought I would post this tomorrow morning. Having finished it, I decided to offer it this afternoon. Usually I post in the mornings, but I thought sharing this at this hour might also attract the attention of blog readers who have never seen me before.

Yes, that was me on my new Twitter account earlier today. There will be a U.K. general election on December 12. It seems to be a good idea to go to the voters urgently – rather than wait until the next fixed election date, in 2022, I believe – about either endorsing this Government’s policies (about leaving the European Union) or replacing it with a new Government and a new prime minister.

[Desk photo by me, October 30, 2019.]
I do have an opinion on that (I pay enough taxes here that I suppose I’m at least entitled to one), but I’m not sharing it. If you agree with me, I guess it would be fine with you. But if you disagree with me, what I write almost certainly won’t change your mind and it may even poison your view of me as a writer.

We tend to forget. In all of the (at times necessary) talk about “fake news” and bullying and social media negatives, one of the largely by now overlooked upsides of social media is how it may bring us together if used reasonably. “If” and “reasonably” – being the operative words.

I have only to look at the origin countries of my daily visitors. Often I find myself asking, “Who are you? Why are you here? I have never sold a book in your country (insofar as I know)?” Usually I never learn the answers to such questions. What is most amazing to me is YOU – wherever you are – are even HERE.

I want all visitors – both long-time followers and brand new ones – never to feel assailed upon clicking in here. As I think on it, I may never unmute that mouthy Twitter writer I (ostensibly now) follow. I have had that new account barely three months and that author has already annoyed me aplenty with the “I’m right; and you’re an idiot,” tweeting outbursts.

It smacks of this, which we see now all too regularly: “Yeh, I got the right to do the genuine ME and to say what I FEEL.” Indeed we do have that right to do so… but we need to remember as well that everyone else out here also has a right NOT to listen. If as authors we are going to open our yaps on social media, we should try at least to set a good example: our words, and the ideas they espouse, should be offered thoughtfully.

Never forget: wars have been started by words.

* * *

To move briefly to a more lighthearted authoring matter, a surprising email also came to me this morning:

[Screen capture of Amazon email, October 30, 2019.]

I have in the past purchased at Amazon one or more of my paperbacks for friends and family – particularly for several older ladies who wanted to read them, did not have Amazon accounts (the internet was itself something of a challenge), and had only vaguely heard of a Kindle – because author copies would have taken too long to reach them in the mail. Seeing that email made me laugh. I thought when it popped up: “Hey, I know him.”

In a more serious sense, it is getting an unexpected peek at what unknown previous purchasers of my books might have received too. Amazon is always promoting products to us. It is nice for once – I must admit – when it is my stuff. 😉

* * *

Lastly, on another social media:

Me, in a newly bought sweater/pullover. LOL!

Have a good, wherever you are. 🙂