The Sun Also Rises… On A Monday

The second day of my visit to Father’s in Pennsylvania begins. Here, as I noted in my previous post, it is impractical – actually impossible – for me to proofread my manuscript out loud. So that has to wait until I return to the Catskills probably tomorrow or on Wednesday.

And I have been avoiding even reading it silently. I want to take a short rest away from it. In quiet moments here I have instead taken up reading a gift from my father for my (September 4) birthday:

[The Sun Also Rises, by Ernest Hemingway, 1926. Photo by me, 2019.]

And I have also been – uh, too much perhaps, I am sure you are thinking – reading the net, and Twitter’s #writingcommunity hashtag in particular. I’m sorry, but I just can’t stop going back to it! It’s addictive!

So for the fifth time, let’s return there. LOL!

Don’t bother readers at Starbucks. Don’t ask readers anywhere for reviews. In fact, don’t ask anything of readers.

Readers are (as you are) entitled to their personal space. Once they own your book it belongs to them now. It has ceased to be (aside from the copyright) yours.

If they want to get in touch with you, believe me they will.

Nah, that is not all that weird.

Wanting an action figure of yourself: that is kinda more weird. (I don’t, just to be clear.)

I learned to play the guitar as a teenager and I can still somewhat.

I presume, though, I do now write better.

At least I hope so.

Starvation is pretty near the top of the list.

Distracted, I have more than once accidentally put the oat bran into the wrong cupboard.

Remove “banter?” What does that even mean?

This post is, I suppose, sort of “banter.”

And this page…

[A page from Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises. Photo by me, 2019.]

…is there “banter” there that needs removing?

Separately, notice this too. There is very little description on that page. It is almost entirely brisk conversation.

[After Claudine did as asked, she found and extracted a letter from inside of the box.]

Uh, no. However, I have seen people on the net, and even in person, who I think kinda remind me of some of them.

Since I also write based on quite a few real people, I know already what they look[ed] like.😊

The Catskills.

Oh, wait…

Somewhere else? I’d love the Tetons:

[The Tetons, from the Snake River in Wyoming. Photo by me, July 2019.]

It’s a truly awesome – in the REAL meaning of the word – place.

The past is, uh, technically, everything published before today.

Presumably, though, I can’t, uh, plug my own here?

When the deadline – another of which is rapidly approaching – smashes you in the face.

A non-bantering, serious answer from me here.

You are running a real personal risk writing under your real name. If you are not a “timid” author, chances are you will write – even inadvertently – something that will offend someone. True, it may not matter and you may never know. Then again you don’t want it to be, or brought to the attention of, possibly your boss, or your hoped for boss (when they google you when you apply for that job), or your graduate school admissions officer.

[Excerpt from Passports: Atlantic Lives, 1994-1995, on Kindle for iPhone/iPad. Click to expand.]

I advise strongly against writing publicly under your real name – unless you are of independent means and no one can turn the screws to you.

A coffee? A book? Hardly…

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1) Yes, lining them up amidst DVD viewing. 🥂🥃🧀📺😊 . The DVD?🤔 A couple of episodes of “The Winds of War” (1983). Now, single much younger Pamela Tudsbury (Victoria Tennant) has just kissed a married Pug Henry (Robert Mitchum) for the first time.😍😱 And my Mrs has just declared: “Well, *that* wasn’t the kiss of just a friend’s daughter.”😂🇬🇧🇺🇸 . 2) Sun setting.🌅😁 . Have a goodnight, wherever you are.🌒😁 . #travel #CatskillsNy #Catskills #evening #novels #weekend #DVD #WindsofWar #romance #Courvoisier #history #WWII #historicalfiction #fiction #upstateNy #entertainment #miniseries #1980s #television #writers #authors #expats #fun #scenic #beautiful

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It’s about posting photos of a vodka and coke, a cognac, and cheese, and a Catskills sunset.

…or Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s birthplace.

…or a 35mm photo you took in 1991 that was adapted to the back cover of… your book twenty-two years later.

Uh, as I think about it, it’s probably Frasier.

Just above on Twitter, our favorite sitcom.

And now our favorite cookie?

But, uh, Instagram? That’s just a pointless best pics competition and waste of time for an author? LOL!

Have a good Monday – Ugh – wherever you are. 🙂