How Did It Become Almost October Already?

This morning…

[From the Tomorrow The Grace manuscript. Photo by me, August 29, 2019. Text Copyright © 2019 by me.]

…I’ve re-written that bit I don’t know how many times. I’ve lost count. Maybe that version will do?

I need to take a moment. I wonder what “#writingcommunity” Twitter is up to? Dare I scroll?…

There are no stupid questions. I start a book from one page on which I type out a basic plot in a few sentences and some “points” I may want to hit as I go. It begins there.

I don’t lay out “three acts,” because life isn’t. Tolstoy didn’t do that. This doesn’t have to be high school, or a one hour TV drama. Indeed that’s too predictable. Smash “rules.” Create new forms.

As I go I try to figure it all the heck out.

There is no “template” here.

Pronunciation aloud has nothing to do with it. I just choose names I like, and which may be close to a real person I’m portraying. Because I love being sneaky like that.

They also reflect, historically, their time. I don’t name an American boy born in 1765, uh, “Tyler.”

I think there are times we may feel we have less or nothing to say and we term it “writer’s block.”

If I feel so, I don’t try to write. I take a “vacation” – doing anything but writing – but I will invariably scribble thoughts down… et, voilà, pages and pages afterwards appear.😊

They are usually random, but also reasonably representative of what they might well be in real-life – or were/are on the person I may be fictionalizing.

So they aren’t “zombie-colored” that’s for sure.

That’s easy to answer actually: Historical romantic fiction.

I think everyone should want to.

That also just happens to be what I write. Amazing coincidence that, I know.

Books shouldn’t have a feel of an end, really. They should finish as if you had been dropped for hundreds of pages into witnessing these people and those events, but you are suddenly pulled away from them, hopefully reluctantly.

As also what happens in our real lives: we are with people for a period, but then we are no longer.

Something that reflects the story inside.

A reader may also think, “Ah, that’s it?” when they discover its source in the text.

I describe them to a relevant degree and readers will naturally let their imaginations go beyond that.

I also want the producers eventually to know the type of actors best to cast for the screen adaptations. (None of the Tom Cruise as “Jack Reacher” guff.)

I write what I believe I write best due to a lifetime of personal reading and my education up to now. I would get laughed out of literature if I tried to write “sci-fi” or “fantasy”…

She descended from the mountains of Azaram and wielded her panazeam with the confidence the daughter of the half-queen of Veizina would be expected to…

Uh, dear God. I would never inflict such on anyone.

Evidently? That’s an adverb!

Mr. King won’t like that either.

No. I feel increasing maturity is only better for a writer. A lifetime of experiences – both good and bad – provides endless fictional material unique to you.

I certainly couldn’t have written what I write now at age 21.

I was basically, looking back now, an idiot at age 21.

Writing of the 1790s, perhaps I listen to some Mozart.

Writing of the 1990s, maybe I listen to Roxette. Or I might choose some ’80s-’90s French pop that embarrasses even French people.

Right now in the distance, someone is banging on something with maybe a hammer. That ain’t helping the concentration.

And Alfie’s mum is calling his name. Or Alfie is the dog or cat.

Complete silence is almost impossible even in a rural area, such as the Catskills, with annoying birds chirping and porcupines scratching trees and bears pounding at your cabin door.

I’d love to share the likes of all that… and that’s why I have this blog.

Well, that’s, ahem, useful character-building insight. [Quickly takes note for future reference.]

“You know, Hemingway shot himself.”

[Tomorrow The Grace cover in color, as it shall look next month on the Kindle after release.]

Good grief, I wanted to take a five minute break? It’s practically October! Maybe I should not have taken to reading “#writingcommunity” Twitter?😂😂😂😂😂

Have a good day, wherever you are. 🙂

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