That Insta-Pianoforte

I was not going to devote a post to this visit, but I changed my mind for a reason made clear near the end of the post. Yesterday, we headed from our friends’ here near Bristol to see nearby Dyrham Park, which is a late-17th century home now owned and operated by the English National Trust. Naturally I took some photographs and posted them to Instagram early this morning:

Staying with our friends, naturally also I lack my office. So I have set up at their kitchen table:

[Photo by me, Yate, England, August 19, 2019.]

After posting those Dyrham Park photos, I “disappeared” into “1795-1805” once more to do further cleanings up of the manuscript. September is now nearly Tomorrow indeed just around the corner. The writing pressure mounts daily.

I have often also asserted that one has to be really careful nowadays on social media. Prior to the existence of sites such as FB, Twitter, and Instagram, on boards and blogs which were mostly the home of techie-heads, oddbods, and “politics obsessives” (and perhaps all three at the same time), and did not have many “ordinary” readers, yeh, you could afford to be much more of an online dope. Nowadays, though, that world of “2002” is ancient history.

A “spirited” online discussion is one thing, but NEVER be libelous… or, well, stupid in what you write. Think before you post anything. I am sure you know seemingly EVERYONE is now on social media somewhere – including, uh, your employer, or your desired future employer, or that college you so hope to attend. You NEVER know who will see what you post:

[From Instagram, August 19, 2019.]

Why even Princess Diana’s butler might stumble upon your Dyrham Park Instagram post. 😉

Hope you are having a decent Monday, wherever you are. 🙂