Not Far From Faro

“Have you gotten lots of chapters written?” my wife asked me back on Tuesday.

“No [feeling slightly guilty],” I replied. “I haven’t. I’ve been reading”:

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Poolside Algarve late afternoon reading.🇵🇹 And look at this!😆 Literary trivia!👍🏼 . Madame [Adélaïde] de Souza mentioned here (in the first indented paragraph) by Tolstoy in “War and Peace” in “1805” was a real French romance writer of the last years of the 1700s and early 1800s. De Souza is her remarried name. A decade and some before, her name had been Adélaïde de Flahaut. . That name may ring a bell with some of you because of me.😁👨🏻‍💻📖 She appears in US Minister (ambassador) to France (1792-1794) Gouverneur Morris’s fascinating 1790-1792 diary. She was then married until her much older husband was guillotined in late 1793. Morris was also rather, uh, infatuated with Adele (as he usually called her in his diary) and she with him… despite the fact she was married. (And her husband even knew about them.) A 1794 novel she wrote while in exile in England was entitled by her “Adèle de Sénange” and in it Morris is even briefly fictionalized.🇬🇧🇫🇷🇺🇸 . See what useful cocktail party fun facts you learn from following me.😂 . #travel #Portugal #Tavira #Faro #Algarve #afternoon #reading #WarAndPeace #fiction #romance #Tolstoy #tourism #writers #writersofinsta #poolside #holiday #getaway #authors #authorsofinstagram #photograph #expats #expatlife #history

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And I admit I was having a great ol’ time.

We are in Portugal. We arrived on Sunday in the Algarve, on its southern coast. Our first stop was four days near Tavira, which is not far from Faro.

[Photo by me, 2019.]

We stayed in a 17th century coastal fort. The fort has been converted recently into a – yes, really – bed and breakfast. Sheer brilliance.

[Photo by me, 2019.]

[Photo by me, 2019.]

[Photo by me, 2019.]

[Photo by me, 2019.]

[Photo by me, 2019.]

[Photo by me, 2019.]

We were in one of the (former) gunpowder (left) stores:

[Photo by me, 2019.]

[Photo by me, 2019.]

And had a, uh, blast.😂😂😂😂

I do apologize. If you follow on Instagram, you know that already. However, here you get more photos than I’ll post to Instagram.😊

[Photo by me, 2019.]

[Photo by me, 2019.]

[Photo by me, 2019.]

[Cat on the rampart. Photo by me, 2019.]

I have been now to Portugal twice. Once to Lisbon (in 2017) and now here on the Algarve. I highly recommend it.

Interestingly, that Lisbon visit was just weeks before the release of my last novel. I’m told people like that one. Let’s hope the same applies this time! 😉

The Portuguese are often excellent English speakers, and tremendously tolerant of inadvertent butchery of their language. I suppose they understand we foreigners often just don’t know much of it beyond “Obrigado” and “Olá.” Most of us can at least fake a few phrases in French, Spanish, or Italian; but “faking” Portuguese similarly is not easy.

We have now moved on to a larger town on the Algarve: Olhão. If you are a non-Portuguese speaker, try to pronounce that correctly. I dare you.😂

* * *

I wrote some of this post the other day at the fort. I decided it was inappropriate to post yesterday, June 6…

That day deserved some solemnity.

* * *

Oh, and since admitting I had not gotten any writing done, and realizing that was not good… I have:

[Photo by me, 2019. Text Copyright © me, 2019.]

It is indeed remarkable what you can do with a Microsoft Surface while sitting at the poolside… when you put your mind to it. 😉

[Photo by me, 2019.]

Have a great weekend, wherever you are in the world. 🙂

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