Oh, Daenerys

I am going to venture where I have never before. Knowing the passions about it out there, I tread here very lightly. I am going to risk briefly discussing THAT now concluded television program.

Amidst all of the “hoopla,” I happened to read one person who tweeted more or less this: “What are all the people who never watched Game of Thrones going to brag about now that Game of Thrones is over?”

[Sky view. Back garden. Potton, England, May 21, 2019. Photo by me.]

I have never “bragged” about not watching it. I just never watched it, and the reasons I did not were both utterly innocuous and entirely personal preference. Allow me to explain.

First, when it premiered we did NOT subscribe to the channel or to the streaming service it was on. So its first year went right by me.

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The greater the risk. #GameofThrones

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Second, I recall from the promos and online discussions I saw subsequently that it struck me as another of those semi-mystical stories that do not really interest me. (Needless to say perhaps, you could have held a gun to my head and I could not have named another George R. R. Martin book.) It reminded me vaguely of Lord of the Rings crossed with (a modernized version of 1958’s) The Vikings. I have never been able to sit through Lord of the Rings (nor have I read that book); and I have never been wild about “Viking” stories.

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Fight together, die together. #GameofThrones

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Third, related to that second above, I have never been gripped by tales set in murky purportedly kinda ancient Celtic or Scandinavian locales, where magic pops up, that are populated by people wearing furs who look like they haven’t ever cut or even combed their hair, or washed in the last decade, and who are running around waving swords while questing for… whatever it is they are questing for.

Fourth: On a serious note, I was especially turned off by its first year reviews. Those I read indicated it was pitched at the level of “teenage boy” and young adult men who have not yet had a serious girlfriend “fantasies.” Worst of all it was said to be gratuitously – especially sexually – violent; and I got the distinct sense women characters were routinely (not just occasionally for some dramatic purpose to make some point) treated abominably. (I remember years later also reading that became less so as the series progressed, but by then I couldn’t honestly be bothered.) I have never found such stories “entertaining.”

So I never got into it and still have no interest in doing so. If you have enjoyed it, certainly that’s fine. Fiction that resonates with us is a matter of personal taste.

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How about that GOT finale? 😱 🔥 I’ve been reading tons of comments from people who felt cheated after 10 years of watching the show. Honestly, I only started watching 2 years ago and binged watched all the seasons. I had already read the first two books of the series of Ice and Fire and was already a fan, but I have to disagree with old time fans. I personally did not feel cheated… ❄️ However, I did feel that season 8 had sloppy writing, many moments when dialogue was out of character, and not to mention the effects that didn’t look as well done as they used to. Many events that were to complicated seemed to be resolved way too fast for their nature. Meanwhile, the rest of the episode was wasted in meaningless dialogue and filler scenes. 😔 ⏳ As for the ending, however, I actually felt that it made sense. Hear me out, will you. At the end, Danearys became this crazy megalomaniac who has no mercy and is absolutely unfit to create the better world she claimed she wanted. 🐲 John, on the other hand, became this love-smitten, and at times pathetic individual. Also unfit for leadership. Bran made perfect sense to me. His detachment from the world makes him the perfect t leader to create a just world we all dream about. 🌏 All in all, I do think season 8 was disappointing on many levels, but I believe the resolution was best fit for the series’ vision. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section! 🎨 Photo credits: @art.of.ice.and.fire

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I will say this, though. All of those parents in recent years who named their new-born daughters “Daenerys”? Based on what I have read about the conclusion and what that character turns into, uh, maybe that was not the best of ideas? 😉

Have a good day, wherever you are. 🙂

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