The New Destination

In the last stages of writing a book (as I am again now), I have learned what always arises during that time. It is not only concerns over finishing that book. Also starting to appear in the back of the mind is this: Uh, what do I write next?

That chill about the future is made worse in my case lately mostly by my wife’s recent health scare (which is not entirely over yet), as well as by the mild chaos of the April house move:

[Box chaos a few days ago also as the new home office is being organized. Photo by me, Potton, England, 2019.]

I know by now that best for my life outlook is that as I am completing a book I have at least something about a follow-up bouncing around even vaguely my head. I aim to think a book ahead. Even with months to go in winding up the current one, I need to have a new focus, a new destination, in mind.

Because once the last word is on the page, well, that’s it. Done. You have become just someone who has written a book. That was then. What are you doing now?

Perhaps like you, as you can see I’m an early morning “thinker”:

[Photo by me, this morning, Potton, England, 2019.]

Pondering that unsettling issue over my coffee earlier, I remembered this too.

I have seen it asked here and there on social media. It’s intriguing. In some ways, it’s amusing too.

As readers, we have our favorites. But does the author? Do I have “preferred” characters – or even a favorite? – from among those I invent?:

[Excerpt from Distances: Atlantic Lives, 1996-1997, on Kindle for iPhone/iPad. Click to expand.]

I will admit, for example, I do like “her.” A combination as “she” is of several old friends (one of the real joys about writing fiction is the ability to do that sort of thing), that I do like “her” is therefore probably no shock. In finding myself starting to consider what might be next, it may well be back to that late 20th century… to rejoin “her” and many others who are by now familiar. 🙂

[Trilogy: Passports, Frontiers, Distances: Atlantic Lives, 1994-1997. Paperback.]

In our real lives, we are taking a short holiday within Europe early in June; and I want my wife especially to enjoy herself after her recent procedure. Of course I will share more at the time about that non-book destination. As we finalized it a couple of days ago, she had also teased me, “I sense a new chapter or two from this. Do they know a great author is coming to visit?”😂

Have a good day, wherever you are. 🙂