The End Of A Visit

Some of you follow me on Instagram. For those of you who don’t, here are a few Insta-photos, and captions, from here in upstate New York over the last week or so:

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A bit of "Americana" for this evening.🇺🇸😊 . 1) North Settlement Methodist Church from a distance, in its postcard-like setting. It was built probably in 1826… the same year one Thomas Jefferson and one John Adams died. (I took this pic about an hour ago. The area is as quiet as it looks. I love this spot.) . 2, 3, 4) Also sort of historical. Some fun. Today is April 30 and given what happened today 230 years ago, it should be a national US holiday!😆 (Text by me, set in England in July 1789, and extracted from a certain novel, explaining, uh, why.)👨🏻‍💻📚🇬🇧🇺🇸😂 . #travel #Catskills #CatskillsNy #upstateNY #history #churches #photography #rural #mountains #tranquil #scenic #beautiful #books #ConventionsTheGardenAtParis #reading #novels #writers #writing #fiction #historicalfiction #romance #humor #expats #expatlife

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A pic I took from my car yesterday (I had pulled over and parked): lesser known Catskill mountains, but in many ways are more fascinating than the more famous ones in that they are still so undeveloped.😊 . Huntersfield Mountain (left: 3,422 ft; 1,043 m) is the 9th highest point in NYS (says Wiki, so it must be true). We once hiked up part of round-ish topped Ashland Pinnacle (right: 3,038 ft; 926 m), and it felt like being in the wilds of nowhere.🌲🌲🌲🏔🏔🏔 . . Understand, when they say “hiking trail” in upstate New York, they are NOT kidding.😱 Whew. Assume it isn’t a saunter, be prepared, and sign in where you can so someone knows you are on the trail: it may not have had another hiker since possibly, uh, “1971.”🚶🏻‍♂️🚶‍♀️😆 And when you see a lean-to set up for being caught in a storm or trapped on the mountain for the night, you sure know you’re not in civilisation any longer.⛺️ Oh, and you may think you’re entirely alone, but out there… uh, the bears may be watching you.🐻😳😂 . #travel #Catskillsny #Catskills #rural #mountains #upstateNy #beauty #nature #hiking #scenic #escape #solitude #writers #authors #writersofinsta #authorsofinstagram #fiction #romance #humor #photos #expats #expatlife #geography

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And how about a home movie video, too:

Oh, and what do authors discuss in private messages? Hush, hush, secret writing stuff, of course.

Here’s an example: an exchange that started with a writer (whom I won’t identify) friend. He dropped me an Instagram message, asking about our trip, and I replied… and then…

I suspect I was being, uh, helped there by “spell check” in my message above, and it messed up a sentence.

Or I lost my place and/or forgot what I was writing, and absent-mindedly wrote the word “good” for some reason.

It should be “you’ve got another story collection.” LOL!

So now you know what writers talk about among themselves: we’re terrified about what we are writing.

We are indeed flying back to England later today. Have a good weekend, wherever you are. 🙂