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I put this in a comment a few minutes ago replying to an overnight comment by Laura Janis Thompson. I’m avoiding blogging “officially” for a time, of course. Then I thought, “Eh, I might as well share this prominently with all of you too!” No secrets here! 🙂

I have put Snapchat on hold for the moment – indeed likely for quite a while. And I also won’t get involved in comparisons with anyone over my social media numbers. (Writer “A” has 10,000 Twitter followers and I don’t? Uh, huh. Why do his posts get only 10 or so retweets and 3 likes? Have you noticed he follows 9,500 people back? Are they even real followers? Has everyone muted him because he’s annoying?) But that they ask demonstrates its importance. They know. And as a writer, time and experiences are invaluable and indeed age actually helps: at age “23” I couldn’t write what I do now. All in, I think I do fairly well on social media for a guy increasingly of a certain age myself. My supreme goal is to write my books for my readers to enjoy, and I don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks. I never approached writing aiming to hope to land some big book deal. I don’t feel I write stuff that might attract one. I don’t know if I could even alter what I write to attract one. Indeed, I don’t even know if I could and not write garbage. I actually like my intimate audience: I feel I can be truly genuine as a writer with a relatively small readership and engage with them if they so choose. I’ve encountered some writers on Instagram who are, in my opinion, bores and basically spammers looking just to “pad” follower numbers; and I hate those types and run away from them as fast as I can. Since I started it a year or two ago Insta in particular has caught lots of especially younger women readers my blog here doesn’t necessarily reach – at least not initially. I recall my uncle calling my books “gentle.” He thought I could also write “cozy” crime fiction. Spoken like a true crime writer! But I do know who my audience is. Men might read “Jack Reacher,” but have not made up the majority of novel readers for over 200 years and still don’t. From what I can tell, probably at least 90 percent – 90 PERCENT! – of my readers are women. Like publishers, readers now expect writers to have active social media like Insta; but it’s a difficult balancing act as the writer: to know how to be visible to readers and potential ones, but not too much so that they unfollow or mute you because you keep posting photos of your book covers. Every now and then is fine – if you have an actual WIDER point to make – but not every other picture just to post a “new” picture. My blog here and, increasingly, my Instagram, have become my “shop front” and I try to use them in as intimate a manner as I try to write my books. However doing that latter has worn me down for the moment which is why I am taking a bit of a time out. I keep commenting and liking because I believe if I disappeared entirely I feel I might as well close up shop and that’s not my intention at all. Feel free to email me anytime at and I’m happy to talk privately. I’m rambling, Laura, because this should probably have been a blog post!😂😂😂

Well, as you see I decided to make it a blog post. Back now to the writing. 🙂

[Photo by me, a few minutes ago. Hertfordshire, England.]

Have a good day, wherever you are.