My Five Year Authoring Anniversary

It is now available:

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We are “Generation Kindle” in so many ways; we love our ebooks.👍📱 However (and as some of you already know), I’m a bit old-fashioned: I never really feel it’s a true book unless… it’s a BOOOOOK.📚🤔 I will always be extra-fond of a pile of pages that help make a shelf so interesting… as well as possibly cause you physical injury when you attempt to lift it, or could be used to knock someone unconscious if need be.😂

To mark my five year anniversary (November 2013), my first three novels…

[Passports, Frontiers, and Distances. Photo by me, 2018.]

…are now out combined into a workout-weight, arm-breaking, nearly 770 page, single volume.

Gee, half a decade.🤔

How time always disappears.😜

My previous post – here, from November 2 – has additional details about the Trilogy: Passports, Frontiers, Distances:

[Trilogy: Passports, Frontiers, Distances: Atlantic Lives, 1994-1997. Paperback. Author proof copy.]

I hope you’re having a good Sunday, wherever you are.🇬🇧 Time for another coffee.☕️😁


  1. I, too, love actual books. Sadly, townhomes were not designed for book nerds like myself. That, and shoulders of a certain age tend to protest heavy satchels of book. I actually wrote a piece about tablets versus books that I believe you would get a chuckle out of. If and when I ever sell it, I’ll let you know. So far, no one has been impressed, lol.

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    • I would love to read a piece like that. Blog something like that piece. (I’ve touched on it over the years myself.) A Kindle definitely is loads – no pun intended – easier than carting around physical books. One of the funniest of moments I’ve experienced is moving house, packing books, and forgetting how much the books boxed up actually weigh. It can be like lifting boulders. But paper books to me also always do what Kindles just can’t: convey 3 dimensional depth. “War and Peace” and “Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone” are both “the same size” on a Kindle, whereas in paper you really do see the entire scope of the Oh, my God, Tolstoy, what the hell! difference between the two when they are side by side on a shelf. LOL!

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