One Massive Paperback: “Trilogy: Passports, Frontiers, Distances”

The Trilogy: Passports, Frontiers, Distances: Atlantic Lives, 1994-1997 will within days – I don’t know exactly when – be available in paperback at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and eventually elsewheres…

…and just in time for the holidays! 😉

[Trilogy: Passports, Frontiers, Distances: Atlantic Lives, 1994-1997. Paperback.]

I will add a permanent link to it in the sidebar as soon as it appears. All of the story is here in this one volume. There was NO editing to get it down to one volume.

[Trilogy: Passports, Frontiers, Distances: Atlantic Lives, 1994-1997. Paperback. Photo by me, 2018.]

In preparing that 770 page single volume version of the three-novel tale, it was a return to where I began. “James,” “Isabelle,” “Uncle Bill,” and everyone, are now back. It is great to see “them” in such a massive, single book.

I have missed “them.” There may have been times as a writer I “HATED” those “people” on those pages as I struggled to write “them,” much as when real-life people get on our nerves; but after all is said and done what is left is the finished product and the effort that went into it fades from memory. When you write a novel – and especially an ongoing tale – the commitment is usually so all-encompassing and even emotional that when you finish it… well, it may in depressing ways feel as if you have lost an entire part of your actual life.

Given the last book of the trilogy, Distances, was finished three years ago, in rereading substantial parts of all of the books, often I laughed to myself whenever I realized I didn’t actually even clearly remember writing something; but obviously I did. That in mind, I thought posting an extended “rogues” gallery of excerpts here might be some fun. The gallery will scroll by – but of course you can pause it, advance it, or back up, using the controls at its bottom:

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While working on Distances, I had planned that there would be yet another sequel. In 2016, however, I decided to try something entirely new – heading off (on, uh, horseback, carriage, and sailing ship) as you know, to the late 1700s – and I left that late 1990s behind. There may well still be a fourth installment, so what you read at the end of Distances is NOT necessarily going to be THE END.

[The start. Trilogy: Passports, Frontiers, Distances: Atlantic Lives, 1994-1997. Paperback. Photo by me, 2018.]

The original three novels will remain available in e-books (they are not just on the Kindle, but lots of other platforms), as well as in paperbacks. This “Trilogy” will be available in paperback only. There will be no e-book version of it as there is really no need for one. (Although certainly I might change my mind about that eventually.)

[Trilogy: Passports, Frontiers, Distances: Atlantic Lives, 1994-1997. Paperback. Photo by me, 2018.]

Above all, I thank you for your support over these last five years. It has often been an exciting and stimulating half decade; and it has now and then been a sad and challenging personal time also. None of us has any idea what is before us in this life, and all we can ever do is to try to go forward the best we can.

Now, it is on to the next five years.

Have a good weekend, wherever you are. 🙂

UPDATE: November 4:

[Screen capture of]

It is now available. 🙂