“A third post in but three days…”

My Dear Friend:

I admit I resisted sharing a third post in but three days, but in the end I thought ’tis acceptable. I hope to-day sees you well. The days here in England, compared to the north of America, grow shorter quicker in the autumns much as they grow longer the quicker in the springtimes. Summer now feels but a memory. Does it not to you as well?

[Photo by me, 5:46 AM, UK time.]

That ’twas snapped by me in the early morning to-day: autumn is taking hold. ‘Tis these hours I think are also amongst the best of the day for the fruitful employment of the creative mind, and I often find ideas come forth with some ease. I write much in the early mornings.

[Sneak peek from Tomorrow The Grace. Click to expand.]

That there is a sample from earlier in this year, which I had shared months ago, and I refer to here again as an example. The complexity before me, that I have willingly assigned myself, at times drives me to the brink of anguish. However I am certain that as with the previous, if I am able to see the task thru that all will be well. I must admit that often I ask if this is worth the commitment, or if I ought be placed in a house for lunatics. Nevertheless I shall continue on, the hopeful conclusion beckoning to me such as a light on a dark, unknown coastline.

There is much discussion here of something called Brexit. It appears that Her Majesty’s Government have, based as you may recall on a vote of the people in 2016, decided to exit an area of free trade that encompasses much of the continent of Europe; but many here wish not to see such come to pass, and many within the continent much the same. We are told that such is to happen by March of the coming year. Each day is talk further of great chaos that surely awaits if this plan is put fully into motion.

I hear on occasion about events in the United States of America. Much reported here of late is a gentleman sought for one of the highest judiciary posts has been accused of decidedly unsavory advances and other incorrect behaviors many decades past by one, and now, I see, by two, ladies. Am I correct? Who knows what we are to make of such things?

[Photo by me, this morning.]

I look at the time, and I feel I need to conclude. I must particularly because, as I forever discover, writing in this dated manner becomes an all too appealing habit and ’tis not an acceptable one for our current times. Many may think me bonkers.

Please enjoy a good day, wherever you are reading this. 🙂