The Reach

I’m privileged now – after five years’ work – to have a consistent and fairly good-sized regular readership on here. (“Hello!”) But regardless any blogger may fall into forgetting who may just be “passing by.” Here’s one for the Department of “If You Think No One Is Paying Attention, You’re Wrong.”

You may recall my “The Winds Of Change” post back on Thursday, in which I wrote about the pending closure of Amazon’s Createspace paperback publishing channel. Authors have been asked to shift their catalog there to KDP: from now on Amazon will publish both paperbacks and Kindles at KDP and if authors are obstinate or just don’t get around to it because they are, well, authors, don’t, Amazon will eventually just do it for you. In choosing to do my “migration” myself, I had had a little problem:

I’ve found that the new KDP-only set-up, insofar as I can see, is an internal improvement… in most ways. But I did experience one good-sized hiccup. My planned Tomorrow The Grace cover you have seen for several months had vanished in the transfer.

I only wrote about it here; I did not directly email KDP about it because I had just uploaded a new cover I actually liked better. (A “happy accident,” the immortal Bob Ross might say.) However, someone at KDP must have seen my mention of it on my site here. For the next day – Friday – around 3 PM out of nowhere I received this email to my personal account attached to Amazon:

[Email from KDP, September 21, 2018.]

I responded:

[My reply email to KDP, September, 21, 2018.]

And she came back to me within five minutes:

[Email from KDP, September 21, 2018.]

I suppose I may learn more after September 24. Regardless, thus is the perhaps unintended reach of blogs and social media. Always remember we aren’t necessarily just chatting here amongst “ourselves.”

Anything you blog/post may be read by anyone, anywhere.😂 Similarly, this especially made me smile when I saw it last night on Instagram. I knew I had to mention it on here:

[From Insta-story.]

I felt I needed to point this out also to Mihaela, who I know (thanks to her many “likes”) is one of my “regular” visitors on here:

Last night, for me, fortunately wasn’t one of those 3 AM nights. I never even saw that hour. But over four previous novels, there have been some really tough times and half-sleepless nights.

[New tentative cover for Tomorrow The Grace. Click to expand.]

…And I presume more are probably coming. 😉

Hope you’re having a good weekend. 🙂