The Winds Of Change

An early start today:

[A 5:44am UK time cappuccino. Photo by me, 2018.]

Incidentally, I had an out of the ordinary Insta moment last night:

So you know, I’ll still be the same down to earth person. I won’t let that change me. I promise Hala Gorani liking *MY* comment won’t go to my head.😂

Back to normal life now. You may again see – in the United States – ads for two of my novels on your Kindles. I promise I’m not stalking you. It is Amazon’s call where and when the ads appear.

[Kindle ads for Passports.]

[Kindle ads for Conventions.]

You are most likely to encounter one if you don’t have the book on your Kindle already – how is that possible?😂 – and you are reading a Kindle book close to either of those of mine subject-wise. Amazon’s “algorithm” then just “thinks” you might enjoy one of mine too. 🙂

Separately, Amazon has long had two channels for publishing. It had “Createspace” for paper books, and “KDP” for Kindle e-books. It had always been a clumsy arrangement stemming from the “old days” before the Kindle really took off.

Anyone who published with Amazon knew that division was bound to come to an end at some point. And it has. In a move shocking exactly no one, Amazon authors who use Createspace – as I do – got an email recently saying that the two are within weeks being combined officially under KDP, and that Createspace will be scrapped.

This is all “back office” stuff for authors; readers will see no difference in any way. The Createspace paper books will be published on paper from now on instead by KDP. Seeing the inevitable coming, I decided to transfer my catalog to KDP yesterday instead of waiting for Amazon to move it over when it shutters Createspace officially.

Clicking within it, I’ve found that the new KDP-only set-up, insofar as I can see, is an internal improvement… in most ways. But I did experience one good-sized hiccup. My planned Tomorrow The Grace cover you have seen for several months had vanished in the transfer.

Although annoyed, I didn’t throw my toys out of my pram: I knew I could still re-upload it based on my personal copy, and while clicking around within KDP I just created another – similar – tentative cover which I actually liked better. I was able also neatly to add another period painting that will appear on the back cover. (Kindle doesn’t do back covers obviously.) Moreover I even shifted the lovely “Miss Constable” to the new front cover – where I had long thought she should be:

[New tentative cover for Tomorrow The Grace. Click to expand.]

Change like this is normally at least a little unsettling, but matters seem no worse and some changes appear to be improvements. I don’t want to think about “tech,” I’m trying to write books. But I will say the “tech” seems to flow better, so as of now this “merger” seems to me to be fine.

That said, if you blog here on WordPress too you may have noticed similarly that WordPress has rolled out a new blog-publishing tool they call “Gutenberg.” Having fiddled with it, I’m not fond of it; so I’m still using the “Classic” setup for my postings – as I have since 2013. I sure hope WordPress doesn’t eliminate the “Classic” setup. But I bet they want to.

Have a good day, wherever you are.😊

Oh, and did I fail to mention this? CNN’s Hala Gorani liked ****MY**** Instagram comment last night. MINE!😂