Request To My Followers: Please Visit This Woman’s Post

This is an extraordinary post from me. It is because I saw this post below a little while ago in my normal morning blog-following emails. Here is the link:

[Click on the image above to go directly to her post.]

I read her blog (although she doesn’t post often) and as I recall she has written of life difficulties and stresses. But nothing I remember has been quite like this post. That lady – whom I suspect is between ages 20-30 – writes in that post above that she is “suicidal“.

That word alarmed me. At 8:12am I commented, and my comment is now apparently awaiting her “moderation”:

I don’t know where to begin seeing that post in my morning email.

The word that hits me over the head like a hammer in it is you write you are “suicidal.”

Please talk with someone. If you are here in England and honestly feel you have no one, please have a look here at the NHS web site and please do what it suggests:

Don’t do anything to harm yourself. Please don’t.

Let’s keep her busy. Please consider following her and commenting. Please like her post. Let’s make her phone buzz endlessly.

UPDATE: 11:55am UK time: I see she has “approved” my comment. It is now visible.

UPDATE: 16:50 UK time: In a linked post I found on her blog, she gives her age: she is 20.