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I have come to discount assertions I bump into that a writer must ALWAYS be writing. I consider such urging to be ludicrous, and the effort to try to do so to be even counterproductive. For attempting to write ALL OF THE TIME is apt to leave you tired, stale, and ultimately producing uninteresting writing that is likely only going to discourage you as a writer.

I believe that we must be DOING life in order to write interesting tales. And you cannot live by writing all of the time. You have to live in order to write well, for living gives you the insights and experiences that enable you to write stories that are worth reading.

With our recent travels completed, it’s time again to write. Particularly, for me, I love to be able to create characters. I love characters…

Incidentally, if I run into the “aspiring author” stuff one more time on social media, or well, anywhere, I may, uh, well… I just hate seeing it. The reason is simple:

The moment even a single copy of a book you’ve written is bought by a “stranger,” you are now an author. At that point, forget the “aspiring.” All that differs then between you and any other author is the number of books sold.

What you may be “aspiring” to is perhaps wild success and fame. Those are decidedly a different matter. And as I have warned, based on my first-hand witnessing of my (now late) uncle’s authoring “successes” of the 1980s and 1990s (about which I explained in some detail in a post here in early 2017), I am still unsure what really constitutes authoring “success.”

The bottom line is once someone is willing to part with their often hard-earned money for your fiction, you have crossed the line to author.

As you may have noticed also, all of those illustrations above are taken from uploads I made earlier this morning to Instagram’s Stories feature. I had never really used it. I think I will from now on. 😉

I hope you’re having a good day, wherever you are. 🙂


  1. Great conclusions made by the already matured author, Robert! Moreover, it is not quantity of books makes you the author. It is their quality, their soul. Anyhow, a writing person is able to give birth only to few real gems that would be worthy of remaining in centuries.
    Have a nice day! Maria

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