Another Birthday Comes ‘Round

Yes, I will admit that today is my birthday. Birthday cards from across the Atlantic were packed for opening here in Washington, D.C., where we knew we’d be today. My eldest English nephew, obviously knowing me, wished me a happy birthday inside a blank card with this cover – a painting of one of Admiral Nelson’s ships:

[An interesting birthday card. Photo by me, 2018.]

That card is unintentionally also apt in this sense. Here in Washington, D.C., we’re showing English friends the sights:

[The White House, Washington, D.C. Photo by me, 2018.]

[Visitors at the grave of John and Jacqueline Kennedy at Arlington National Cemetery, just below Arlington House. Photo by me, 2018.]
[Changing of the guard at Arlington National Cemetery. Photo by me, 2018.]
[Looking towards Capitol Hill. Photo by me, 2018.]
[On the National Mall, looking towards the Washington Monument. Photo by me, 2018.]

And of course I had to take a selfie:

[White House selfie. 2018.]

We also took them to a Washington Nationals baseball game. There, we saw “The Racing Presidents” – Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt:

[At Nationals Park: the Washington Nationals vs. the Milwaukee Brewers. Photo by me. September 1, 2018.]

Only in the United States, eh? 😉

I have also indulged myself in some other history that is not too well known.

Frances Folsom was age 21 when she married President Grover Cleveland in 1886, becoming the youngest First Lady:

[Photo by me in the National Museum of American History, 2018.]

Youthful Frances Cleveland was a fashion trend-setter for the era:

[Photo by me, 2018.]

Imagine a 21 year old First Lady today? It’s almost inconceivable.

If she had been on Instagram, she’d surely have been an “influencer.” 🙂

[Photo by me, 2018.]

Lastly, I suppose no matter how old I will get, or what I do…

[Excerpt from Distances. On Kindle for iPad. Click to expand.]

…I’ll always remember my mother on this day.

Have a good Tuesday, wherever you are. 🙂

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